Department of Communication


Hybrid Car Example

General Topic: Automobiles
Narrowed Topic: Automobile Styles/Designs
Further Narrowed: Toyota hybrid cars
Still Further: The Toyota Prius hybrid car being introduced to the American car buyer.

Specific Purpose:

To inform my audience about The Toyota Prius and the features that make it worthy of consideration for a car buyer.
Thesis Statement/Preview: The Toyota Prius hybrid automobile is one of the first of its kind that offers a combination traditional gas engine with a new concept battery-pack to drive your car down the road. This morning I’ll tell you about this innovative car design by focusing on three main concepts that separate this car from others on the market. First I’ll discuss ultra-low emissions created from this vehicle….Second, I’ll tell you about how the car combine’s both a regular gas-powered engine with batteries to offer gas mileage that can top 50 miles to the gallon, and finally I’ll cover some of the features that make this car not only economical but fun to drive.




Nike Speech Example

General Topic: Manufacturing
Narrowed Topic: Clothing manufacturers
Furthered Narrowed: Nike, Inc.
Still further: The phenomenal growth plans of Nike

Specific Purpose:

To inform my audience how Nike plans to grow its revenues from $6 billion to $12 billion in the next five years
Thesis Statement: Philip Knight, the leader of the famous Nike "swoosh" logo, plans to double the size of his company from $6 to $12 billion within the next 5 years. In order to reach this lofty goal, Knight says the company will grow in new areas. Today, I'll tell you about that planned growth. Nike intends to (1) continue stressing its athletic footwear product line; while also (2) increase its familiar logo on everything from sunglasses to soccer balls; and finally (3) plans to open more Nike Town company stores in cities in the U.S. and overseas.





General Topic: U. S. Culture
Narrowed topic: Youth Culture
Further narrowed: Trends in youth culture
More narrowed: Tattoos

Specific Purpose:

To inform my audience about the popularity tattoos hold today and the facts people need to know about them .

Thesis Statement: "Tattoos are very popular today with young people. We used to see only military men with tattoos, but today they are attractive to a wide range of people and have become an element of our culture (Preview follows Thesis Statement)

Today I'm going to tell you more about this cultural trend with emphasis on the social norms that make them popular...second, I'll discuss the significant health issues every person should consider before getting a tattoo, and finally, I'll tell you about the challenges of having a tattoo removed at some future date."

Let's take a look at why tattoos are so popular to so many people...(leads to body of speech)

Body of the Speech: (Main Points are listed)

1. There are a variety of social norms or factors that contribute to the popularity of tattoos in America.
(Supporting Material is added to each main point)

2. There are several health considerations anyone should be aware of before they decide to get a tattoo.

3. There are few ways to have a tattoo removed from your body once they become a part of you.

Leads to Conclusion of Speech which consists of a summary and closing thought.

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