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Im interested!

I want to belong to the "village" this fall!

World Ensemble shares culture with campus and community!

The African/Brazilian ensemble is made up of 25 performers, both music majors and those who have never performed, sharing enthusiasm for African music and culture. Dr. Varner and “elder” members (those who perform multiple semesters), teach traditions and basics of world music including the spirit and camaraderie this music develops. The ensemble performs both ON-CAMPUS and OFF-CAMPUS as a model for diversity awareness and community outreach.

Ensemble members proudly share their love of music AND culture every chance they get!

Be a part of the African/Brazilian music ensemble THIS FALL! sign up for MUSI 0114.002.
The class meets every tuesday evening from 5:00PM to 6:50 in room 115 rehearsal hall of the FINE ARTS music building. Everyone is welcome! No experience necessary, just a desire to learn more about culture and music! The group usually performs about 5 times per semester both on campus and in the out-reach community. Take time out from your daily class "life" and be a part of something truly unique this fall! Contact Dr. Varner for more information at the above information link.


African Ensemble
Samba Parade on campus spring 2011