Naoko Witzel


My primary research interest is bilingual language processing. I am currently working on the following research questions:

  1. Are different memory systems involved in the mental representation of L1 and L2 words?
  2. How do bilinguals process L2 sentences? What are the similarities and differences between L1 and L2 parsing?
  3. Can the L2 processing system be characterized as less modular than the L1 processing system?

I am also interested in language processing in one's native language:

  1. To what extent does a language's writing system affect how visually-presented words are accessed in the mental lexicon?
  2. How do differences in head-directionality influence sentence processing?

Finally, I am also interested in methodological questions and in extending psycholinguistics research methods to other domains:

  1. What can different experimental tasks tell us about language processing?
  2. How can psycholinguistics tasks be used for language training and language assessment?