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My research interest is X-ray astronomy, the study of X-ray emitting objects in the universe, utilizing observations with current X-ray space telescopes on board Chandra X-Ray Observatory, XMM-Newton Observatory, and Suzaku X-Ray Observatory. I will also use future missions such as Astro-H and International X-Ray Observatory. I have been working on Galactic X-ray sources, primarily hot interstellar medium (ISM).

Before arriving at UT Arlington in 2010, at Penn State, I worked for the Chandra /ACIS group led by Dr. Gordon P. Garmire, where I primarily worked for the supernova remnant group with Dr. David N. Burrows. I also worked on various extended X-ray emission in the Galactic center as a member of the Chandra Galactic center group led by Dr. Frederick Baganoff at MIT.

At Laboratory for High Energy Astrophysics (LHEA) of NASA/GSFC, with Dr. Lorella Angelini and Dr. Nicholas E. White, I have worked on completing WGACAT and search/analysis of the WGA variable sources .

My thesis at Purdue, under the direction of Dr. John P. Finley, in collaboration with Dr. Steven L. Snowden at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), was on the study of the soft X-ray background in the Galactic plane utilizing ROSAT PSPC observations. The Galactic soft X-ray background is still very interesting subject and I continue to explore its nature utilizing data from ROSAT, ASCA, and XMM-Newton observatories, hoping that, in the long run, we may understand the global structure and the origins of the X-ray emitting hot interstellar medium within our own Milky Way Galaxy.

A brief summary of some of my previous/current works is described as below: