Jorge H. Pinzón C.


    I am an Evolutionary Marine Biologist. My research interest is to understand the processes that drive species diversification, and those involved in species-species (i.e. competition, host-parasite) and species-environment (i.e. thermal stress, pollution) interactions.

    In my research I address three main questions: 1) what are the boundaries between species? 2) how are species prepared and respond to biological and environmental stressors? and 3) what is the influence of mutualism in speciation/diversification?

    Scleractinian corals are ideal for the evolutionary studies I am interested on. Corals are diverse in species, morphologies and ecological niches, and form some of the most complex and diverse ecosystems on earth. Additionally, these organisms and the systems they build, are highly sensitive to climate change.

    Currently I am using next generation sequencing, biochemical assays and ecological and biological observations to determine the responses of corals to climate change events such as Coral Bleaching.

My current CV is here.