- 04.01.2015

  Manuscript on whole transcriptome immune

  responses of corals (Orbicella faveolata)

  to a natural bleaching event, is now

  published at:

        Royal Society Open Science  

           Read it here, is open access!!!

- 03.04.2015

  Royal Society Open Science accepted our

  manuscript on whole transcriptome immune

  responses of corals (Orbicella faveolata)

  during a natural bleaching event.

- 12.18.2014

  Great semester. All ASSURE students did

  great in their projects and during the class.

  Ready for a break!!

- 09.18.2014

  peerJ has accepted a new paper on

  coral immunity, check the publications

- 08.18.2014

  PLoS ONE paper published today....

  PLoS ONE 9(8): e104787

  1. -07.21.2014

  Paper has been accepted in PLoS ONE... link

  coming soon.

  1. -06.01.2014

  EvoLat mixer on Evolution has been 

  scheduled for:


    June 21st 

    4:30-5:30 p.m.

    Hallway North.

  See you in Evolution 2014!!!

  Food and drinks will be available!!!

  1. -05.13.2014


   A new site about corals and coral reefs has

   been launched today!!!!!!

  1. -04.26.2014

  Earth day Dallas 2014

  1. -03.15.2014

   EvoLat will have its first mixer in 

   Evolution 2014

- 09.10.2013

   EvoLat: the study of evolution in Latin

   America, is here... visit us our website, and

   like us on Facebook and Google plus

  1. -08.11.2013

  2.    Now in Puerto Rico for out 2013 field trip

  3. -06.20.2013

  4.   On my way to Evolution 2013!!!!

  5. -06.13.2013

  6.   The Pauley program at the HIMB was a

  7.   success!!!!  Thanks for the invite!

  8. - 06.05.2013

  9.   At HIMB participating in the Pauley Program

  10.    as lecturer.

  11. -02.21.2013

  12. Jorge will be giving a seminar at UTA entitled: “Uncovering the secrets of Scleractinian corals…. an integrative approach

  1. -02.19.2013

  2.   Paper on Pocillopora species delineations

  3.   has been accepted at the Journal of

  4.   Biogeography.

  1. -01.03.2013

  2. SICB in San Francisco and visit to the   

  3. Medina Lab at UCMerced

  4. - 09.10.2012

  5.   It is OFFICIAL!!!

  6.   NSF’s grant office has approved my Ocean  

  7.   Science Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

  8. - 08.15.2012

  9.   Collection and experiments are over... now is

  10.   time to process all 469 samples!!!!

  11. - 07.26.2012

  12.   Field season starts today... here we go

  13.   Puerto Rico

  14. - 06.18.2012

  15.   Jorge has been recommended for an

  16.   NSF OCE PRF award!!!



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