Dr. Vasant Prabhu
Tel. No. : (817) 889-1640
Fax No. : (817) 272-2253
E-Mail Address: mailto:prabhu@uta.edu

Professor Emeritus

Professor 1991-2008

Sc.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1966
S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1963
B.E. Indian Institute of Science, India 1962
B.Sc. Karnatak University, India 1958

Areas of Expertise: Telecommunications systems, digital and analog communications, communication theory, error correcting codes, simulation of communications systems, microwave propagation and transmission, point-to-point radio transmission, interference analysis of communications systems, spread spectrum communications, cellular radio communications, light wave communications, satellite communications, network theory, optical communications, personal communications systems, digital signal processing.

Background: Dr. Prabhu joined the research area of AT&T Bell Laboratories where he made significant contributions to communications science and engineering. He was recognized as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff by Bell Laboratories for his pioneering work in telecommunications. His contributions span a variety of fields in electrical engineering. Some of the major and fundamental contributions include interference analysis of communications systems, error rate performance of digital modulation systems, new modulation techniques for cellular radio, error bounds in digital systems, optical communications systems, bandwidth and spatial optimization of radio networks and digital radio transmission with anomalous propagation. A substantial part of this work has had major impact on the design of national and international communications systems. It has appeared in text and reference books on digital and analog communications and is widely used. He has published extensively, conducted several courses in communications systems and contributed to three separate books on communications.

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