Joey Sabbagh

Student Supervision
(since appointment at UT Arlington)

As PhD Dissertation Supervisior

Samantha Cornellius
Graduation: Expected Spring/Summer 2018
Thesis Title: The Syntax and Phonology of Cherokee Clitics

Daniel Amy
Graduation: Expected Fall 2018/Spring 2019
Thesis Title: Explaining Massive Pied-Piping in English

Joshua Jensen
Graduation: Spring 2012
Thesis Title: Jarai Clauses and Noun Phrases
(Thesis published as: Jensen, Joshua. 2014. Jarai clauses and noun phrases: Syntactic structures in an Austronesian language. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter Mouton.)

As PhD Dissertation Committee Member

Kent Rasmussen
Graduation: Expected Spring 2018
Thesis Title: A Comparative Tone Analysis of Several Bantu D30 Languages

Nathan Eversole
Graduation: Summer 2017
Thesis Title: Retrieval Process in subject-verb agreement computation
Current employment: Amazon, as Language Engineer.

Iya Khelm Price
Graduation: Spring 2016
Thesis Title: Independent sources of relative clause processing difficulty: Evidence from Russian
Current employment: Lecturer, UT Arlington (Dept. of Modern Languages)

Mohammed Mwanzandi
Graduation: Spring 2014
Thesis Title: Word order and information structure: Insights from Swahili

Vitaly Voinov
Graduation: Spring 2013
Thesis Title: Linguistic Aspects of Politeness in Tuvan

Sok-Hun Kim
Graduation: Spring 2012
Thesis Title: A corpus based analsysi of discouse anaphora in English and Korean

Deborah King
Graduation: Fall 2010
Thesis Title: Voice and Valenc alternating operations in Falam Chin

Qualifying Paper/Exam Committee, Supervisor

Carly Sommerlot
QP: The Interaction of ber- and -nya in Indonesion

Daniel Amy
QP: On the “obligatory” appositive interpretation of massive pied-piping

As QP/QE Exam Committee Member

Kristen Fleckenstein
QP: Jespersen’s Cycle and the scope of negation in American Sign Language