Joey Sabbagh


Over the past 11 years, I have taught a variety of courses in Linguistics at both the undergraudate and graduate level. My main goal as an instrucor of these Linguistic courses is to get students to view the study of language as a empirical science, and to instruct them to think critically and actively about systematic patterns of language. While most of the courses I teach are in my area of research expertise (Syntax), I have also taught related courses including, courses in: Typology, Phonology, Morphology, Language and Mind, and Field Methods.

The full set of courses I've taught since my appointment at UT Arlington are listed below (syllabi available upon reuest):

Spring 2018: Fall 2017: Spring 2017: Fall 2016: Spring 2016: Fall 2015: Spring 2015: Fall 2014: Spring 2014: Spring 2013: Fall 2012: Spring 2012: Fall 2011: Spring 2011: Fall 2010: Spring 2010: Fall 2009: Link to Course Readings:

Course Readings (Fall 2011) (password-protected)