Daniel Scarpace, PhD [ˈdæ̃nʲjʊɫ skaɾˈpaʧe]

I'm currently Senior Lecturer at The University of Texas at Arlington. My main interests are in the fields of phonetics, phonology, psycholinguistics, and second-language acquisition. I try to examine these sub-disciplines through English and various Romance languages. I'm also very interested in the use of technology (e.g. Praat, speech perception training) informed by experimental phonetics to teach pronunciation in the classroom.


Courses Taught

at UTA:

LING 2301: Intro to the Study of Human Languages (FA15, SP16, FA16, SP17, FA17)
LING 2371: Language in a Multicultural USA (FA15, FA16)
LING 3311/5300: Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (FA15, SP16)
LING 3330: Phonetics and Phonology (SP16, SP17)
LING 5320: Theoretical Phonology (FA17)

at UIUC:

LING 100: Intro to Language Science (FA14, SP15)
SPAN 303: The Sounds of Spanish (FA13)
SPAN 252: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (SP13, SP14)
SPAN 228: Spanish Composition (SP14)
SPAN 204: Practical Review of Spanish Grammar (FA12, SP13, FA14)
SPAN 103: Intermediate Spanish (FA11, SP12)

Courses Taken:

at UIUC:

LING 410: Historical Linguistics
LING 501: Syntax I
LING 502: Phonology I
LING 504: Practicum
LING 520: Acoustic Phonetics
LING 522: Articulatory Phonetics
LING 525: Psycholinguistics
LING 541: Syntax II
LING 542: Phonology II
LING 551: Pragmatics
LING 584: Theories in SLA
LING 588: Seminar in Second Language Learning (Non-Native Speech Segmentation)
LING 588: Seminar in Second Language Learning (L2 Lexical Access)
LING 591: Seminar in Linguistics Analysis (Corpus Methods in Phonetics and Phonology)
EPSY 480: Educational Statistics
EPSY 590: Seminar in Eye-tracking Research
BASQ 402 Basque Phonology

at UCSD:
LIGN 211B Nonlinear Phonology with Eric Baković (WI09)

Publications and Presentations


Scarpace, Daniel, Beery, B., and Hualde, J.I. 2015. Allophony of /ʝ/ in Peninsular Spanish. Proceedings of PaPI 2013 (Journal: Phonetica)

Scarpace, Daniel. (2014). The Acquisition of the Tap/Trill Contrast within and across Words in Spanish. Proceedings of New Sounds 2013. Concordia Working Papers in Applied Linguistics. link to PDF

Shosted, Ryan, Hualde, J.I., and Scarpace, D. 2012. Palatal complexity revisted: An electropalatographic analysis of /ɲ/ in Brazilian Portuguese with comparison to Peninsular Spanish. Language and Speech.

Hualde, J.I., Shosted, R. and Scarpace, D. 2011. Acoustics and articulation of Spanish /d/ spirantization. Proceedings of the 19th International Congress on the Phonetic Sciences, Hong Kong. August 2011.


Lichtman, Karen & Scarpace, Daniel. Spanish diphthongs: When transparent orthography is not transparent. Paper presented at Sound to Word 16. 1-2 Apr 2016. Iowa City, Iowa. Scarpace, Daniel. Recognition of resyllabified words by L2 speakers of Spanish. Paper presented at SLRF 2014. 22-25 Oct 2014. Columbia, South Carolina.

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Kilpatrick, Cynthia, and Daniel Scarpace. 2010. L2 Spanish speakers and the perception of ‘exceptional’ hiatus. Paper presented at the L2 Phonology Conference 2010: Current Approaches to Spanish and Portuguese Second Language Phonology, 4-6 Feb 2010, Gainesville, FL.

Scarpace, Daniel, and Cynthia Kilpatrick. 2010. How exceptional are exceptional forms? Perception of hiatus in Spanish. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, 7-10 Jan 2010, Baltimore, MD.


Scarpace, Daniel, and Mirza, M. 2014. Poster presented at CASPSlaP 2014, Georgetown, Washington D.C. PDF of poster

Scarpace, Daniel and José I. Hualde. 2013. The production and perception of syntactic geminates in Spanish. Poster presented at the International Conference on Phonetics and Phonology 2013, 25-27 Jan 2013, Tokyo, Japan.

Chang, Yung-Hsiang, John Jang, Timothy Mahrt, Erin Rusaw, Daniel Scarpace, and Nicole Wong. Are rhotics perceived as a single category? Poster presented at Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America, 5-8 Jan 2012, Portland, OR.


I grew up in the Bay Area, California, until I moved to Massachusetts for my 6th grade year, after which I returned to the Bay Area. I then moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, for my high school career before getting my BA at UC San Diego, then my MA and PhD degrees in Champaign, Illinois.

I am very fond of traveling, having leaped around the United States a number of times, and spent time doing research abroad in Mexico and Spain. My junior year of college was spent studying in the Catalan capital of Barcelona, Spain, from which I had numerous opportunities to explore both Western and Eastern Europe. I have lived in Illinois for five years for graduate school, enjoying the extremely flat terrain and below-zero winters. I’ve been fortunate to travel to many places for conferences both within the US and abroad: some favorites included Tokyo, Montreal, Mexico City, and Lisbon. When possible, I try to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors.

I also enjoy cooking, eating, and drinking. Particularly Spanish food, since that’s where I first learned to cook for myself full-time. Italian, French, Mexican, and Creole are my other favorite cuisines.