Group Members

Group Leader

Dr. Samar MohantyDr. Samar Mohanty, is working in the Department of Physics since Fall 2009 after finishing Postdoctoral fellowship at Beckman Laser Institute and Medical Clinic. He did his M. Tech. from IIT Delhi in 1998 and worked as a scientist in Centre for Advanced Technology, India. Dr. Mohanty did his Ph.D. in Physics in 2006 from IISc, India. His research interests include Biophysics and Physiological studies at molecular and cellular level to whole organism.
Ph: (817) 272-1177


Dr. Ling GuDr Ling Gu obtained her Ph.D. in 2010, from Zhejiang University of China. She has worked on ion channels
in hippocampal neurons using Patch clamp Electrophysiology and Multi-electrode arrays. Dr. Gu will be carrying
out Neuro-optoelectrophysiology studies using optogenetics and other hybrid optical tools for understanding
functions of neuronal cricuitry and intervention in neuronal dysfunction.
Ph: (817) 272-1533


Christopher CoteChristopher Cote, graduated in Biology and is carrying out experiments for optogenetics and motor proteins.
Ph: (817) 272-1533

Nelson Cardenas Nelson Cardenas, graduated in Physics and Aerospace Engineering from UT Arlington. He is working on optical imaging at the nanoscale.
Ph: (817) 272 - 1533


Thea BlesenerThea Blesener, graduated in Microbiology at UT Arlington. She is working with optical tweezers for studying single cell properties and interactions.

Ph: (817) 272-1533




Mathias VictorDr. Mathias Ajaeroh, is visiting from Nigeria. He is working with optical tweezers to study cellular biomechanics.
Ph: (817) 272-1533


Harshit LakhotiaHarshit Lakhotia, is pursuing M.S. in Physics at IISER-Kolkata. He is using Polarization microscopy to characterize microscopic samples.
Ph: (817) 272-1533


Amit KumarAmit Kumar, is pursuing M.S. in Physics at IISER-Kolkata. He is working on optical stimulation of cells.
Ph: (817) 272-1533


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Bryan BlackBryan Black, graduated from University of North Carolina and is currently pursuing Ph. D. in Physics at UT-Arlington. Bryan is working on Multimodal imaging and manipulation.

Ph: (817) 272-1533


Kamal DhakalKamal Dhakal, is currently a Ph. D. student in Physics. Prior to joining UT-Arlington, he worked as a Ph.D. student at University of Rhodes Island. Kamal will be working on in-vivo optical imaging and Biophysical modulation of cellular network.

Ph: 817 272 1533


Bipin JoshiBipin Joshi, graduated from University of Mumbai in Biomedical Engineering and is currently a graduate student in Bioengineering at UT-Arlington. Bipin is working on Quantitative phase microscopy and spectral phase imaging of cells and biomolecules.

Ph: 817 272 1533


Image not availableDoctoral Position in Biophotonics (Instrumentation, imaging and manipulation): Arlington, TX

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Bishorup BanjaraBishorup Banjara, pursuing B.S. in Physics, is working on optical manipulation of cancer cells.

Ph: (817) 272-1533


Zara HassanZara Hassan, is an undergrad student in Dept of Psychology and Neuroscience. She is currently working on axonal manipulation.

Ph: (817) 272-1533


Simon OrdonezSimon Ordonez, currently pursuing B.S. in Biology at University of Texas - Arlington. Simon is working on Biophysical and biochemical characterization of optical guidance and manipulation of neurons.

Ph: 817 272 1533


Aaminah AzharAaminah Azhar, is pursuing B.S. in Biology. She is currently working on an optogenetic project.

Ph: (817) 272-1533

Hector TejedaHector Tejeda, pursuing B.S. in Physics (Major) and Biology (minor), is working on development of spatio-temporal optogenetic stimulation source and evaluation of new opsins for better neuronal stimulation.

Ph: 817 272 1533


Donald ThevalingamDonald Thevalingam, graduated from UT Austin in Neuroscience. He is currently working on optical stimulation of cells.

Ph: 817 272 1533


Hector ZaptaHector Zapata, pursuing B.S. in Physics, is working on single motor molecule experiments.

Ph: 817-272-1533


Image not availableWe are looking for Undergraduate students for research on fiber optical tweezers, life-time spectroscopy and optogenetic stimulation.

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Visiting researcher:
Vijayalakshmi Varadarajan
Patrick Thomas
Yogeshwar Mishra
Meenakshi Kohli
Argha Mondal

Post doctoral fellow:
Dr. Hafez Ataya
Dr. Willard Hanson

Graduate students:
Rahul Patil
Ninad Ingle
Mervyn Pinto
Kunal Tiwari
Suyash Chhajed
Annas Javed
Shivaranjani Shivalingaiah
Tejaswini Bhagwat
Manas Bhalerao
Harshit Vallabharao
Somdutta Chakraborty

Undergraduate Researchers:
Raji Fashafsha
Cyprian Okobi
DonDre Rose
Erica Ecstrand
Michael Hatfield
Kevin Luciani
Christian Michael Chaheine
Jeremy Stewart
Alex Villalobos

High School students:
Aubrey Korol
Anna Liu

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