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Summer 2011 Office Hours (by appointment):  5:30-6pm, MW



  • I will be in South America until Sunday, June 12 conducting research on human rights in Argentina and Chile.  Thus, we will not have class on June 6 and June 8.  We will be able to finish all the requisite material before the First Exam on June 29.  During the week of June 6, you should read the syllabus and become very familiar with all appropriate policies (see below).  You should also read the first two chapters in your text and review the initial sections of the Outline for the 1st exam (see below).  Finally, I want you to view the folllowing video:  Should some people not vote?  We will have class beginning Monday, June 13

  • Beginning Monday, June 27, we will be meeting in Room 007 of University Hall (basement).

  • We will not have class on Monday, July 4.

  • The three tests will consist of some 20-30 objective questions (multiple choice and true-false).  Roughly 30-40% of these will be chosen randomly from a nationally normed test bank from your text-book (composed of literally hundreds of questions).  The other 60-70% will consist of questions derived from class lectures.  You will need to bring a number two pencil and an 882-E form.

  • All students are responsible for all materials covered in class, in the outlines, and in the readings.


Additional Readings

  • First Exam

  • Second Exam

  • Third Exam


Recommended Readings/Videos


Supplementary Materials for Janda, et.al.

  • From Cengage, Select Higher Education, Create an Account, Select your publisher (Wadsworth), Sign-In, Search for the Janda textbook.








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