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POLS 3310 and 5310

Professor Dale Story

Spring 2012

Class:  025 University Hall, 8-9:20am TTr

Office:  449 University Hall


Spring 2012 Office Hours (by appointment):  9-11am MWF; 9:30-10am TTr





  • No class, Thursday, March 8.

  • It is the responsibility of every student to confirm that they are registered for this class.

  • All students need to bring a basic calculator (+, -, /, *, and sqrt) to class every day.

  • All students are strongly recommended to:

    • Use computers connected to the UTA network when downloading data from the ICPSR.

    • Use SPSS in the University Hall computer lab.


Topics with Relevant Links


Additional Required Readings, Videos, Etc.




Data Sets





  • Math 1302 and 1308.  This course [3310] involved a high level of familiarity with statistics.  I had never taken a statistics course prior to this class.  Thus it hurt me tremendously.  However, after studying statistics and understanding the concepts, I made a B.






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