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POLS 3310 and 5310

Professor Dale Story

Summer 2011

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Summer 2011 Office Hours (by appointment):  5:30-6pm, MW



  • I will be in South America until Sunday, June 12 conducting research on human rights in Argentina and Chile.  Thus, we will not have class on June 6 and June 8.  We will be able to finish all the requisite material before the First Exam on June 29.  During the week of June 6, you should read the syllabus and become familiar with all appropriate policies (see below).  You should also read the first three chapters in both of your texts. Finally, I want you to view the folllowing video:  http://www.ted.com/talks/bruce_bueno_de_mesquita_predicts_iran_s_future.html.  We will have class beginning Monday, June 13.

  • Unless you select otherwise, for undergraduate students (non-Honors) the exams will be objective tests (multiple choice questions).  Example:  What is a difficulty in predicting political behavior—followed by 4-5 answers and you select the correct answer.  For problem questions, you will need to work the problem and find the correct answer—than select the correct answer from a list of 4-6 answers.  You will need the 882-E form and a #2 pencil.  Graduate students and Honors students will take an “essay” exam.  Example question:  Explain fully the four characteristics of behavioralism.  For problem questions, you will need to show all your work neatly and in an organized fashion.  You will need a blue book.Finally, any student has the option of taking the essay exams.  If you prefer the essay exams (all three exams must be the same), you need to email me by 5pm, Tuesday, June 28.

  • All students need to bring a basic calculator (+, -, /, *, and sqrt) to class every day.

  • All students are strongly recommended to:

    • Use computers connected to the UTA network when downloading data from the ICPSR.

    • Use SPSS in the University Hall computer lab.




Statistical Research Project (due by the beginning of class on the day of the final exam)


Topics with Relevant Links


Articles, Information, Links, et cetera




Data Sets



  • 10 variables that may influence Sunday's race for the Cup title (NASCAR and Statistics).

  • Does pitches per plate appearance affect slugging percentages (Basball and Statistics--Sabermetrics--www.sabr.org) 



  • Math 1302 and 1308.  This course [3310] involved a high level of familiarity with statistics.  I had never taken a statistics course prior to this class.  Thus it hurt me tremendously.  However, after studying statistics and understanding the concepts, I made a B.






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