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POLS 3317-001

Professor Dale Story

Fall 2012

449 University Hall



Class:  002 University Hall, 8am-9:20am, TR

Office:  449 University Hall


Fall 2012 Office Hours (by appointment):  MWF, 10-10:30; TR, 9:30-11.





  • It is the responsibility of every student to confirm that they are registered for this class.

  • Research Paper and Statistical Project

    • Due:  Before the beginning of the Final Exam.  Any project or paper sent one minute (or later) after the beginning of the Final Exam will receive a deduction of 50 points.

    • Submit:  One file for the Statistical Project and one file for the Research Paper.  In two separate emails.  Your subject line must read: last name (your last name), POLS 3317, Stat Project OR Research Paper.

  • Remaining classes beginning with Nov. 20:  Nov. 20, 27, and 29.


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