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POLS 5335

Professor Dale Story

Spring 2013


Office:  449 University Hall


Spring 2013 Office Hours (by appointment):  MWF, 10-10:30; TR, 9:30-11.






  • Seating Chart

  • Assignment for January 23, Latin American Presidents

  • Assignment for Feb. 6, Latin American Economies
  • Assignment for Feb. 20, Regime Types
  • Assignment for March 6. Assuming that Argentina and Brazil have differed in terms of the process of "bringing the generals" to justice: Why? Email to me a decent paragraph by the beginning of class on March 6.
  • Review Questions for Mid-Term.
  • Data Sources

  • Statistical Project. Collect at least 10 economic and 10 political variables for the 19 countries as used in this course. Formulate 10 hypotheses involving economic and political variables. With SPSS, analyze those hypotheses utilizing any statistical procedures you feel appropriate. Summarize each finding. Cut and paste your relevant SPSS output (you might highlight the most significant statistics) into a Word file--than include your summaries in that same Word file. Email this file as an attachment to me by 7pm, April 29. The subject box should read: POLS 5335, your last name, Statistical Project.
  • Research Paper. Write a 10-15 page paper analyzing a topic of your choice relating to Latin American Politics. You should consult several, substantive external sources. Include a list of references. This paper should be emailed to me by the beginning of the final exam for this course (as listed in the UTA Final Exam schedule).
  • SPSS Help
  • Assignment for March 27
  • Review Questions for Final Exam


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