photo of Laurel in Scotland from 2012

Laurel Smith Stvan

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Linguistics and TESOL
The University of Texas at Arlington
(817) 272-3133


Ph.D. in Linguistics Northwestern University 1998
M.A. in English (Program for Writers) University of Illinois at Chicago 1988
B.A. in English University of Illinois at Chicago 1986

Research Interests (full profile)

Subfields: Semantics, Pragmatics, Text Analysis, TESOL, Bare Nominals, Polysemy,
Corpus Linguistics, Discourse Markers, Vocabulary Acquisition, Health Discourse

Works: Scholarly publications and presentations
Professional development presentations
CADOH (Corpus of American Discourses on Health)

Courses Taught at UTA

LING 2301 -- Introduction to the Study of Human Language
LING 3311 -- Introduction to Linguistic Science
LING 5100 -- Thesis Writing Seminar
LING 5110 -- TESOL Practicum
LING 5300 -- Linguistic Analysis
LING 5302 -- TESOL Reading and Writing
LING 5310 -- Sociolinguistics
LING 5311 -- Sociolinguistics of Society
LING 5330 -- Formal Syntax
LING 5331 -- Advanced Formal Syntax
LING 5345 -- Semantics
LING 5347 -- Pragmatics
LING 5350 -- Text Analysis
LING 5372 -- Readings in Linguistics: Pragmatics and Discourse Markers
LING 5381 -- Corpus Linguistics
LING 5393 -- TESOL Teaching and Observation
LING 6300 -- Professional Writing Seminar for Linguists
LING 6390 -- Linguistics Seminar: Corpus Annotation and Dataset Coding

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May 23, 2015
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