CADOH--Corpus of American Discourses on Health

Laurel Smith Stvan
UT Arlington

People talk about health during many daily exchanges, such as debating dinner choices, reading web sites on illnesses, or watching shows on cooking. Likewise, deciding on exercise plans, listening to news reports on recalled food, and watching infomercials about medications all represent ways that speakers are engaged with health topics. Many discussions about behavior are based on health beliefs, such as opinions on the benefits of fresh air or hot baths, the dangers of inadequate sleep or drug and alcohol use, and the desirability of fitness, sexuality, and longevity.

The scope of health discourse, then, is larger than just exchanges between doctors and patients. So, distinct from the specialist jargon of medical and nursing journals, this corpus aims to represent what lay people discuss, read, or listen to for health information. The goal is to cover the whole gamut of health discussions occurring among non-specialists, as well as reports being directed at them via news reporting.

Source texts come from the years 1995 to 2011. The corpus is currently in the pilot stage. The following genres are included. (*=still pending)

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Presentations involving data from CADOH

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