Linguistics-Related Links

Language-related Sites and Blogs

--The American Dialect Society
--Language Hat
--Language Log
--Linguist List
--LSA--the Linguistic Society of America
--Semantics Archive
--Semantics Etc.
--Web of Language

Articles in the Popular Press

--Article by Susan Gregg Gilmore in The Los Angeles Times, in which I am quoted: "When the Missing Article Seems Less Than Genuine," Monday, 04-16-2001, Home Edition; Southern California Living, Page 1.

Audio files of Radio Shows on Linguistics Topics

(These next three are RealAudio files, so to hear them you'll need the free program RealPlayer Basic, which can be downloaded here).

--The take by Dr. Geoffrey Nunberg, Stanford University, on melodrama in the language of journalism. (From Fresh Air with Terry Gross, produced in Philadelphia by WHYY. Broadcast Monday, June 3, 2002)

--A 53-minute radio show interviewing three scholars of language acquisition: Dr. Mark Baker, Rutgers University, Dr. Sandra Waxman, Northwestern University, and Dr. Jeffrey Lidz, Northwestern University. (From Odyssey, a show on Chicago's Public Radio station WBEZ, Dec. 19, 2001.)

--A 47-minute discussion on endangered languages. (From Talk of the Nation: Science Friday on Friday, March 8, 2002) featuring UTA's own Dr. Jerry Edmonson.

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