Laurel Smith Stvan

Supervised Dissertations and Theses

Ph.D. Dissertations
M.A. Theses

2017. Browining, Darcey. (PhD. Linguistics)
#TwitterDiscourseMarkers: A Corpora-based Study of the Pragmatic Functions of Hashtags

2017. Allman, JungAe Lee. (PhD. Linguistics)
Empirical Examination of Two Diagnostics of Korean Unaccusativity

2015. Brown, Lynnelle Rhinier. (PhD. Linguistics)
A Corpus Study of Requests in Naturally Occurring Spoken American English: a Context Analysis Approach

2014. Mwamzandi, Mohamed. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
Swahili Word Order Choices: Insights from Information Structure

2013. Kim, Sok-Hun. (PhD. Linguistics)
A Corpus-based Analysis of Discourse Anaphora in English and Korean: A Neo-Gricean Pragmatic Approach.

2013. Voinov, Vitaly. (PhD. Linguistics)
Politeness Devices in the Tuvan Language.

2012. Rogers, Kim Larry. (PhD. Linguistics)
American Sign Language Verb Categories in Constructed Action.

2010. Dziugis, Mary Ann. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
Talking to Strangers: A Sociolinguistic Experiment in Initial Dyadic Interaction between Spanish-Speakers in 21st Century Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2010. Almubayei, Dalal S. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
Articulations of Identity within Kuwaiti High School Cliques: Language Choices in Boyat and Emo Filipino Youth Groups.

2009. Zuercher, Ken. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
Azerbaijan-Russian Code-switching and Code-mixing: Form, Function, and Identity.

2009. Welch, Catharine Moore. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
The Emergence of Pragmatic Softeners by Instructed Learners of Spanish in the Study Abroad and Immersion Contexts.

2009. Liang, Szu-Yen Neal. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
The Acquisition of Chinese Classifier Systems by L2 Adult Learners.

2007. Fauzi, Sarah May. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
"Does Your Throat Hurt More in the Morning or Throughout the Day?" "Yes.": Intercultural Medical Discourse.

2004. Btoosh, Mousa. (Ph.D. Linguistics)
Interlanguage Lexicology of Arab Students of English: A Computer Learner Corpus-Based Approach.

Fleckenstein, Kristen.
Spatial Deixis Dimensions in Modern Standard Arabic

Carter, Natalie Raun.
A Text Analysis of Threats

Fleckenstein, Kristen.
Speech Act Differences in the Language of Abortion Legislation

2009. McFadden, Presley. (MA TESOL)
Are We Speaking the Same Language?: The Use of the Mother Tongue by Native English Speaking Teachers in English as a Foreign Language Classrooms.

2005. Bailey, Frank. (MA TESOL)
Overseas Language Learning Experience: Student Beliefs about Their Teachers' Qualifications.

2005. Walter, Kelly. (MA TESOL)
The Eritrean English Curriculum: Grades 2-6, Assessing Academic Readiness.

2004. Rauschuber, Brianna. (MA Linguistics)
Code-Switching in the Speech of Spanish-English Bilinguals.

2002. Howard, David. (MA Linguistics)
Continuity and Given-New Status of Discourse Referents in Adzera Oral Narrative.

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