Assistant Professor of Linguistics 

Department of Linguistics & TESOL
The University of Texas at Arlington



Theoretical Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, and their Interfaces.
Experimental Linguistics (Sentence Processing, Prosody, Statistical Analysis) 

argument-adjunct asymmetry, scrambling, topic/focus and information structure, case, negative concord, specificity/definiteness, expletive/evaluative negation, mood and modality, expressivity, politeness, metalinguistic comparatives, NPIs, scope of negation, and rhetorical force. Comparative study of East Asian and Indo-European languages.



Curriculum Vitae


Research Profile at University of Texas at Arlington



PhD dissertation:

‘Not’ in the Mood: the Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Evaluative Negation. 2011.

Committee: Prof. Anastasia Giannakidou, Prof. Jason Merchant (co-chairs), Prof. Chris Kennedy, Prof. Marcel den Dikken (external, CUNY), University of Chicago.     [ pdf ]



To appear.  A. Kang and S. Yoon. Disjunction as an epistemic modality: nonveridical equilibrium and modal concord., Linguistics. [ pdf ]  

To appear. Yoon. S. Positively bitter and negatively sweet? Conventional implicatures and compatibility condition of emotive taste terms in Korean. Pragmatics. 

To appear. Fleckenstein, K., S. Yoon. Jespersen’s Cycle and the scope of negation in American Sign Language. Sign Language Studies. [ pdf ] 

To appear. Hyunh, J., Yoon, S., The compatibility between expressive elements: kinship terms, pronouns, and racial slurs in Vietnamese. Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society.  

2018. Yoon, S.  77 Shades of Black: the Pragmatics of emotive color terms in Korean, Journal of East Asian Linguistics 27:1:1-34.  [ pdf ]  

2017. Yoon, S. Main Clause Phenomena in Korean (vs. V2 in German). Lingua 196:10-38.  [ pdf ]  

2017. Yae, J., Yoon, S.  Compatibility condition for expressives revisited: a big data-based trend analysis. Language Sciences 64:69-102. [ pdf ]  

2016. Giannakidou, A., Yoon, S. Scalar marking without scalar meaning: non-scalar, non-emphatic EVEN-marked NPIs in Greek and Korean. Language 92.3:522-556.  [ pdf ]

2015. Yoon, S.   Semantic constraint and pragmatic nonconformity for expressives: compatibility condition on slurs, epithets, anti-honorifics, intensifiers, and mitigators. Special issue on Slurs at Language Sciences 52:49-69. [ pdf ]

2013. Yoon, S. Parametric Variation in Subordinate Expletive Negation: Japanese/Korean vs. Others, Journal of East Asian Linguistics. 22.2:133-166.  [ pdf ]


2011.Giannakidou, A., Yoon, S.  The subjective mode of comparison: metalinguistic comparatives in Greek and Korean. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 29.3: 621-655.  [ pdf ]


2011. Yoon, S. A Structural Asymmetry in Intervention Effects. Lingua 121: 942-962.  [ pdf ]


2011. Yoon, S. Rhetorical Comparatives: polarity items, expletive negation, and subjunctive mood. Journal of Pragmatics 43: 2012-2033.  [ pdf ]  


Articles in Edited Volumes

To appear Yoon, S.  Expletive Negation in Korean and beyond. The Cambridge Handbook of Korean Language and Linguistics.  ed. by John Whitman and Sungdai Cho, Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, U.K.

2010 Yoon, S. An Experimental Approach to the Interpretation of Wh-phrases: processing and syntaxprosody interface. Interfaces in Linguistics: New Research Perspectives. Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 31, ed. by Raffaella Folli and Christiane Ulbrich, pp. 242-256, Oxford University Press. Oxford. U.K.




1. Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Greek Linguistics

2010(to appear). Co-edited with Aikaterini Chatzopoulos and Alexandra Ioannidou.    


2. CLS 43. Vol 1-Vol 2.

2007. Papers from the 43th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society. Vol. 1. The Main Session: Gradience In Grammar, Vol. 2. The Parasession: Cross-linguistic variation in semantics / The Syntax of Wh-structures / Gaps, exceptions and paradigm defectiveness. Malcolm Elliott, James Kirby, Osamu Sawada, Eleni Staraki, Suwon Yoon eds.    


3. SNU Working Papers in English Language and Linguistics. Vol. 2.

2003. Chung-gon Cho, Hae-sun Cho, Shi-na Lee, Tae-sook Park, Jung-ah Shin, Suwon Yoon eds. Seoul National Univ.    



- The Meaning of Expletive Negation in Korean and beyond

In preparation. 


Works under submission: (comments welcome!)

1. On the distribution of NPIs in clausal comparatives

2016. ms. With Anastasia Giannakidou  [ pdf ]  

2. Anti-specific wh-indeterminates in Korean: referentially vague indefinite wh-inka

2016. ms. With Arum Kang. under review. [ pdf ]  

3. Negative Concord: a comparative study of Korean, Japanese, and Greek. 

2016. ms. under review. [ pdf ]  




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