Research in Prof. M. Vasilyev's group

Our group works on nonlinear and quantum optics, optical communication systems and devices, and nanophotonics.

Current and Past Research Projects in Optical Communications

Interests: ultra-high-capacity and ultra-long-reach transmission systems and networks, novel optical amplifiers, all-optical regenerators and signal processors, new modulation formats.

Phase-sensitive fiber amplifiers

All-optical signal processing
(under construction)

All-optical networking

Symmetric dispersion-managed fiber (DMF)

Current and Past Research Projects in Quantum Optics

Interests: manipulation of quantum properties of light (quantum information processing); generation, characterization, and application of non-classical states of light (e.g. squeezed, twin-beam, or entangled states).

Noiseless optical amplification of images

Long-distance quantum communications using photonic qudits (under construction)

Quantum noise of optical solitons

Current and Past Research Projects in Nanophotonics

Interests: nonlinear-optical effects, classical and quantum information processing in micro- and nanoscale structures.

Nano- and micro-scale devices for photonic signal processing

Quantum optics on nano- and microscale (under construction)


Research of Prof. Vasilyev's group has been supported by funding from the National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's Advanced Research Program, and Lockheed Martin Corporation.