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Vinod reddy kamagani kuntla

Vinod studied MS in Structures and Applied Mechanics in Civil Engineering- University Of Texas at Arlington. He completed his Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology in 2013. The project that he worked on was ​Design and Analysis of a multi-story office building. The project was about a case of a multi-story structure, with the increase in height, the effect of horizontal loads requires consideration. Therefore such structures were provided with rigid frames having rigid joints.

If multi-story structures assumed to have simple connections, it was likely to collapse under the action of horizontal loads (in absence of walls) due to lack of rigid connections between the component members due to rigidity of connection and hence, analysis of the structure as a whole becomes necessary. He worked under Dr. Nur Yazdani's Research team on the topic "EFFECTS OF FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER (FRP) WRAP ON REDUCING CHLORIDE OR SULFUR PENETRATION IN CONCRETE".