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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Federal regulations require that the University of Texas at Arlington establish policies to monitor the academic progress of students who apply for and/or receive financial aid. To retain eligibility, recipients must show satisfactory progress toward a degree based on the following requirements. There are two areas specifically addressed in these requirements. The first is cumulative grade point average and the other is a comparison of the number of credit hours completed versus the number attempted.

1. Financial aid recipients must meet the following minimum cumulative grade point average standards:

Total Credit Hours Completed*Minimum Cumulative GPA**
0 – 29 1.6
30 – 59 1.8
60+ 2.0
Graduate 3.0

*includes transfer credit  **based on UTA courses only

2. Financial aid recipients must successfully complete 67% of the annual attempted hours. Attempted hours are calculated based on census date enrollment.  

Enrollment for summer, fall, and spring will be added together to determine the number of hours attempted for an award year.

For purposes of this policy, satisfactory grades include A, B, C, D, P, and R. Unsatisfactory grades include F, W, I, Q, Z, and X, and will not be counted in the credit hours completed but will count as attempted credit hours.

Maximum Time Frame for Eligibility:

To retain eligibility for financial aid, students must complete the degree or certification within 150% of the normal time frame for degree completion.  The total hours attempted includes hours transferred to UT Arlington. 

ClassificationMaximum Attempted Hours Allowed
Undergraduate Programs 180
Post Baccalaureate Programs 205*
Masters Programs 54
Master's in Architecture 100
Master's in Social Work 64
Doctoral Programs 96**

*includes all undergraduate hours attempted

**includes all graduate hours attempted at UT Arlington

Students may be awarded financial aid for up to 12 remedial hours.  These hours will be considered in the annual hours attempted versus annual completion calculation and will be included in the 150% time to degree completion.  The review of the maximum time frame for eligibility for students who have repeated coursework or who have changed their majors will be made according to the standards outlined above; however, appeals may be granted on an individual basis to give students additional semester(s) with appropriate documentation.

Review of Eligibility:

Each student’s record will be officially reviewed annually at the end of the spring semester, and those not making satisfactory academic progress will be notified that they are no longer eligible to receive financial aid. The period of the review will include summer, fall, and spring terms.

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility:

Students who fail to meet these standards and lose financial aid eligibility may appeal that decision.The SAP Appeal form should be completed and submitted to the SAP Office within one month of notification for consideration. The appeal must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of what occurred that did not allow the student to meet the SAP requirements. Students should also indicate in the appeal what has changed that will allow them to be successful in future terms. Reasons that may be acceptable for an appeal include:

  • Serious illness or accident on the part of the student
  • Death, accident, or serious illness in the student’s immediate family
  • Other unusual extenuating circumstance

Academic appeals and appeals for the loss of scholarships are handled through separate processes.

Making Up Deficiencies without Aid:

If the student does not qualify for an appeal, he/she may regain eligibility by taking the following actions:

  • Enroll in and earn the number of deficient credit hours based on the above chart at UT Arlington without the benefit of financial aid with a minimum GPA of 2.0 for those hours; and/or
  • Raise the cumulative GPA to meet the minimum standard
  • Notify the Office of Financial Aid when the deficiencies in hours or GPA have been resolved.

A student does NOT regain financial aid eligibility by simply choosing not to attend UT Arlington for a term or terms, or by paying his/her own tuition and fees for a term or terms if the minimum requirements stated above are not met.