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MSRE in Sustainability
Curriculum Courses normally taken:
  • REAE 5301 - SUSTAINABLE ISSUES IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - A survey-based course that analyzes current and historical sustainability issues. The global and political nature of this evolving discipline is emphasized. Additionally, a macro view of the components currently embodied in the practice of sustainability will be examined and discussed.

  • REAE 5302 - SUSTAINABLE STRATEGIES IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - Business strategies that emphasize quantitative methods, asset allocation, socially responsible investing, and evaluation research.

  • REAE 5303 - SUSTAINABLE POLICIES IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - Governmental, regulatory, and internal reporting and policy development related to sustainability; grant writing will also be explored.

  • REAE 5304 - SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS IN THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT - A field-based study of buildings, developments, organizations, and companies that exemplify sustainable practices. Course will include elements of social networking and communication strategies.

  • REAE 5318 - SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT - Sustainability perspectives about values, rights, property and what constitutes an optimum human environment; sustainability principles and case studies emphasizing on-the-ground, incentive-based commercial investment real estate development that balances economic growthwith environmental quality. Projects will include those in urban areas as well as those in rural areas focusing on agricultural elements.

  • REAE 5311 - REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS - Survey of real estate investment, appraisal and valuation, finance, market analysis, and other phases of the real estate development/management process.

  • REAE 5313 - GIS & PROPERTY ANALYSIS - The increasing availability of geographically referenced property data offers significant potential for real estate research and modeling. Covers fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Concepts, principles, and functions) and essential skills for applying GIS to real estate industry problems.

  • REAE 5314 - SEMINAR IN REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT - Topics relating to site selection, design, market analysis, financial feasibility, and management in the real estate development process. Prerequisite: REAE 5311.

  • REAE 5316 - ADAPTIVE REUSE & REDEVELOPMENT OF COMMERCIAL INVESTMENT REAL ESTATE - The tools and techniques associated with the market and financial feasibility analysis of adaptively reusing and redeveloping existing properties into economically viable commercial investment real estate.

  • REAE 5319 - SEMINAR IN REAL ESTATE FINANCE - Study of real property financing methods; analysis of cost of borrowing, sources of funds, and mortgage terms; emphasis on construction and permanent financing of commercial and industrial properties. Prerequisite: REAE 5311.

  • REAE 5321 - SEMINAR IN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT - Introduction to analytical techniques, sources of financing, and other factors related to real estate investment. Stresses current developments and topics. Prerequisite: REAE 5311.

  • REAE 5334 - SEMINAR IN REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL - Market, cost, and income approaches with stress on income forecasting and capitalization. Prerequisite: REAE 5311.
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