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Master of Science in Real Estate

Mastering your real estate career

Want to go to Australia and New Zealand? No, it's not a trick question. It's part of the Master of Science in Real Estate program at the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center.

The MSRE program focuses on the delivery of advanced real estate analysis skill sets that are recognized as crucial within the commercial investment real estate marketplace.

Embedded in the program are two study tours: one domestic tour in Texas and one international opportunity in Australia and New Zealand. The study tours focus on actual projects and meeting industry professionals.

"The Australia/New Zealand study abroad gives students the opportunity to explore real estate developments from an international context in an English-speaking environment," says Fred Forgey, executive director for the graduate program in real estate. "The Texas Real Estate Study Tour provides students with a variety of project ideas, approaches to real estate development, and professional contacts that may assist them in their future employment endeavors."

Using a modified cohort format, students remain together throughout the program. Courses typically begin in the summer and finish the following spring for the 36-hour program. Courses are offered not only at the Fort Worth Center but also at The Universities Center at Dallas.

The program's primary area of emphasis is adaptive reuse of existing structures and the unique challenges of redevelopment as North Texas provides a vibrant and developing urban region and a premier location for real estate finance, investment, and development opportunities.

"The process of adaptive reuse and redevelopment is typically focused on finding market-driven alternative uses for buildings that were originally built for a completely different purpose," Dr. Forgey says.

Seasoned professionals and real estate leaders with a career advantage in this complex industry serve as guest speakers both in the classroom and in the field during the program, which has a reputation and accommodating course schedule that attracts students from across the region and world.

"For the Texas study tour, we met with over 20 different real estate developers and local municipal officials throughout Texas," Forgey says. "The students were required to keep detailed blogs of their experiences while meeting with each speaker and touring each project."

The graduate real estate program also offers a 15-hour Certificate in Real Estate Development. MBA students can take graduate real estate courses as electives or as their MBA concentration.

UT Arlington also offers a unique dual degree option enabling students to earn both an MBA and the MSRE, or an MBA and the Certificate in Real Estate Development with significant time and cost savings.

Ready for that trip to Australia and New Zealand, mate?

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