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Sharpening Engineering Skills

Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark used his 1995 bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from UT Arlington to land a good job at Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc. in Fort Worth. But he wanted more.

So he enrolled in a master’s degree program through the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center, taking courses both online and in the classroom.

“I had an opportunity to participate in the inaugural class for the systems engineering graduate program,” Clark said. “It seemed like a really good chance to expand my skills as an engineer as well as prepare myself for technical management should the opportunity arise.”

He will receive his master’s degree in systems engineering in December.

“The University has really changed in the last few years,” Clark said. “Whereas it used to be a commuter school, now I see so many students on campus at all hours of the day because they live there. It has been very satisfying to see the changes that have occurred.”

Clark is a design engineer at Vought, currently working in research and development on knowledge-based engineering applications.

“My group is responsible for automating repetitive design tasks so that the designers can focus more on creative designs rather than on how to design them in the CAD system,” he explained.

“The courses in systems engineering have definitely improved my understanding of the design and development process and all of the interactions of the various enterprise functions in that process.”

Clark urges others to see what their companies have to offer concerning graduate school, especially through online opportunities such as those at the Fort Worth Center. “Many companies today offer financial assistance to employees pursuing graduate degrees, and everyone should take advantage of this,” he said. “In addition to increasing your level of knowledge, you will gain experience in the intangibles like time management, teamwork, discipline and maturity that are so important to a successful and satisfying professional career.”

Clark has shown that he is a true UT Arlington Maverick.

“I believe that being a Maverick means separating yourself from the pack by seizing the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.”

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