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Striving to Keep Vehicles on the Streets

Wayne Corum

With all the icy conditions in the area during the winter months, you would think that Wayne Corum and his staff would have been putting in a lot of overtime.

In November 2006, Corum was named director of equipment services for the City of Fort Worth. That involves supervising a staff to maintain and repair over 3,000 city vehicles.

But, thanks to some expected bad weather that did not materialize in December, Corum and his crew got a good trial run for what was to happen in January.

“We made sure that all the sanding equipment was running well during the first round of expected inclement weather in December,” Corum said. “So, this proactive action made the past weather event easier to manage.”

Corum is a 2002 graduate of the first cohort MBA program at the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center.

Wayne Corum

“I began on the main campus at UT Arlington for one semester and heard about the beginning of a cohort program,” Corum explained. “Since I live and work in Fort Worth, the cohort MBA program at UT Arlington/Fort Worth Center was a perfect fit for me.”

When he began working on the MBA, Corum was employed as director of client services for Innovative TeleSolutions.

He was hired by the City of Fort Worth in October 2001 as a management analyst in the city manager’s organizational analysis unit.

After completing the MBA program in December 2002, he was promoted to senior management analyst in 2003.

“A master’s degree has always been a life goal,” Corum explained. “After working for 16 years, I realized that an MBA gave me the most leverage for future advancement in the career areas that I enjoy.”

Corum now heads the Equipment Services Department, which employs 126 people and has a budget of over $22 million to maintain and repair vehicle and fuel support services for all 26 city departments.

“My MBA degree was essential to achieving my current position.” he said. “The tools that I learned in the classroom have enabled me to be successful in my career and the reputation of UTA has assisted in adding credibility to my resume.

Corum has served as a member of the UT Arlington Alumni Association board of directors since 2003 and is also a member of the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center advisory council.

He personifies the spirit of the UT Arlington Mavericks: “To be a Maverick one must look for big challenges, strive to achieve those challenges, and overcome the pitfalls along the way, especially when someone says that ‘it has never been done that way before.’ ”

His advice to others considering a master’s degree: “Don’t try to wait for the perfect time to go to graduate school. Make the commitment and see it through. It is well worth it.”

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