Proposal Submissions /

Information on how to submit a new exhibit proposal.

Want to be our next featured artist?

Gallery76102 at the UT Arlington Fort Worth Center is always accepting proposals for our artist exhibits. Each exhibition is approximately 2 months. The Gallery will provide the installation, insurance, opening reception and invitations. The artist will be responsible for delivering and picking up their work and providing an email invitation list. We would also encourage attendance at the opening reception.

There is no fee for the submission of a proposal. All media will be considered. Both solo and group proposals will be considered. Proposals for guest curatorships are also considered. Please see overview of responsibilities of guest curators below.

All proposals are reviewed and selections made by the Gallery 76102 Exhibition Advisory Panel, consisting of prominent artists, educators and business people, active in the local art community. All decisions of the panel are final.

Proposals should be aligned with the Gallery’s Mission and Goals, which are as follows:

  • Provide Tarrant County and the Fort Worth community with a venue for exhibiting contemporary art
  • Present exhibitions focusing on works by artists living and working in Tarrant County
  • Collaboration with Tarrant County universities, colleges and alumni
  • Represent the cultural diversity of our community
  • Provide an environment that encourages new ideas and trends in the contemporary art community
  • Provide a venue that expresses the history of Fort Worth through the eyes of contemporary artists

Please submit only new work, which has not been exhibited locally (Tarrant and Dallas counties), in any venue, either commercial or academic, within the past year.

All proposals must include:

  • Artist(s) Name
  • Artist(s) Contact Information (name, mailing address, email address, phone)
  • Group or Single Exhibition or Guest Curatorship
    1. Group – theme, how many artists
    2. Single – A brief statement explaining why you should have your own exhibition
    3. Guest Curatorship – theme, how many artists or a brief statement explaining why a solo artist should have his or her own exhibition
  • Artist Resume(s) for each artist represented in the proposed exhibition
  • Artist Statement(s) for each artist represented in the proposed exhibition
  • A CD with digital images of work to be considered for the show. Please include dimensions of the works.
  • Include images of enough work to display satisfactorily in the gallery space (see diagram of the gallery on This usually represents about 20 pieces/images. If the proposal is accepted, at least 60% of the submitted work must be available for the exhibition. The other 40% may be new work, but should be similar in style and content to that previously submitted.
  • Include a hardcopy of thumbnail images in a Word doc with title of each piece and description, including media, dimensions, date the art was created, and a sentence or two describing the piece, particularly noting any details that are difficult to discern in the photograph (such as texture, movement, unusual elements, etc.)
  • Additionally, if you would like the CD returned to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Only proposals with all the above information will be considered. We are currently accepting proposals.
Send to:
UT Arlington Fort Worth Center
Attn: Megan Topham
1401 Jones Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Please feel free to contact the Gallery at 817-272-0365 or if you have any questions. Thank you.

Responsibilities of Guest Curators

  • Act as liaison between Gallery 76102 staff and artists participating in theexhibition; all communication will pass through you
  • Provide Gallery 76102 with names and contact information for each artist and signed copy of exhibition agreement from each artist
  • Provide electronic copy of each artist’s resume and artist’s statement to be included in book displayed in Gallery during the exhibition
  • Visit gallery and suggest layout of pieces for exhibition (Gallery 76102
  • Director of Operations and Professional Art Hangers make final decisions)
  • Provide final list of pieces to be displayed and, for each, the medium, dimensions and sales price (if not for sale, indicate NFS)
  • Compile lists of email addresses from artists to be included in distribution list for invitation and submit to Gallery 76102 at least three weeks prior to the opening reception
  • Oversee delivery and pick up of artwork
  • Attend opening reception