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Sign and Bulletin Board Policies


"Sign" means any method of displaying a visual message to others, except that transferring possession of a copy of the message is distribution of literature and not a sign.

A University person or organization may display a sign by holding or carrying it, by displaying it at a table or by posting on a bulletin board or other designated location specified by the Fort Worth Center. Signs may not be posted in any other location.

Sign Procedures

  1. All signs and banners must be approved and stamped by the Fort Worth Center. For approval, please submit the form to or fax to 817-272-5948
  2. All signs and fliers will be placed by the Fort Worth Center on the bulletin board located in the Library unless otherwise noted and approved.

Hand Held Signs

  1. Students, faculty and staff may display a sign on campus by holding or carrying it by hand or otherwise attaching it to their person. No advance permission is required.
  2. Any person holding or carrying a sign shall exercise due care to avoid bumping, hitting or injuring any other person.
  3. Any person holding or carrying a sign at a speech, performance or other event shall exercise due care to avoid blocking the view of any other person observing the speech, performance or event. Depending on the venue, this may mean that signs may be displayed only around the perimeter of a room or an audience.
  4. A law enforcement officer or the Dean of Students or an usher or other University employee if authorized by officials responsible for managing the venue, may warn any person that his or her sign is being handled in violation(refer to Policies Governing Content of Signs, Fliers, and Banners). If the violation persists after a clear warning, the law enforcement officer, Dean of Students, authorized usher or other authorized employee may appropriately respond to the violation.


"Banner" means a sign hung from a structure or between two buildings, structures, or poles.

Due to Downtown Fort Worth regulations and the University lease agreement, banners are not permitted on the outside or inside premises of the Fort Worth Center.

See Sign Procedures above.

Policies Governing Content of Signs, Fliers, and Banners Policies Governing Content of Signs, Fliers, and Banners

No one may post a sign, flyer or banner that involves unauthorized commercial solicitation; contains obscene or libelous material; or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action; advocates the deliberate violation of any federal, state or local law.

Policies Governing Removal of Signs

  1. All signs and other forms of advertising will be removed the day after the event or timeframe allotted by the Fort Worth Center.
  2. No person shall remove a sign posted or attached in an unauthorized manner by a student organization without permission from the Fort Worth Center.

Policies Governing Content of Distributed Literature

Literature distributed at the Fort Worth Center may contain the following advertising:

  1. Advertising for a registered student, faculty, or staff organization, or an administrative or academic unit;
  2. Advertising for an organization that is tax exempt under 501(c )(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (non-profit organization);
  3. Paid advertising in a publication primarily devoted to promoting the view of a non-profit organization, and any other advertising expressly authorized by Regents’ Rules and Regulations or by contract with the University.

University Election Code Policies

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