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October 16 – November 21, 2006

Reception, Friday, October 20, 6p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

The Gallery at UTA presents an exhibition by ten artists who work in a wide variety of media - from photography and digital images to graphite and charcoal drawings, paintings on paper and panel, and mixed media two and three dimensional constructions -- but who all use a predominantly black and white palette in creating their images. Artists selected for this exhibition by curator Benito Huerta are James Drake (Santa Fe, NM), Susan kae Grant (Dallas), Joe Guy (Ft. Worth), Kana Harada (Dallas), Arielle Masson (Houston), Clarence Morgan (Minneapolis, MN), Alex Rubio (San Antonio), Kent Rush (San Antonio), Elaine Taylor (Ft. Worth), and Vincent Valdez (Los Angeles, CA).

Beverly Penn
Kana Harada
Your Highness 2004
foam sheet 21" x 11" x 11"

Huerta comments, "While looking at exhibitions around the state, I noticed a predominance of artists working in a variety of media but whose focus was on eliminating color other than black, white and gray. I wanted to put together an exhibition of these works reflecting a restricted palette still allowing for multiple and nuanced explorations of theme, forms and media." While all the artists in the exhibition utilize minimal coloration, the underlying concepts and intentions are widely varied and intensely expressive. For example, Kana Harada, who was born in Japan and now lives in Dallas, is showinglarge three-dimensional birdcages. She was "...inspired by their different shapes, lines, silhouettes, and the tacit rich imagination they imply..." Constructed from foam sheets, the lightness and pliability of the materials she uses contrasts with the hard, iron-like appearance of the pieces.

Michael Salter
Joe Guy
Volume (0177)" 2004
mixed media
18" x 22.5" x 3""

Ft. Worth artist Joe Guy describes his work as "structural paintings" in which wooden grids wrapped with multiple layers of paper are painted and worked with graphite that is then burnished and waxed. His stated intent is "To evoke, silence, -- the "presence of Emptiness"-in the image..." Mexican-born, Houston-based Arielle Masson uses black and white geometric patterns in her oversized scroll paintings to allude to x-rays and the process of looking beyond the surface reality into the inner systems or structures of things.

Beverly Penn
Clarence Morgan
Approaching Circumstances 2004
paint on panel 59" x 59"

In association with the exhibition, one of the exhibiting artists, Clarence Morgan, professor and chair of the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Minnesota, will present a slide lecture about his work. Mr. Morgan is scheduled to speak on Thursday, October 19 at 12:30 pm in the Fine Arts Building auditorium (room 148).


All events are free and open to the public.

Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10 - 5 PM, Saturday 12 - 5 PM. Located on the north end, first floor of the UTA Fine Arts Building, 502 S. Cooper St., Arlington.

For more information, contact Benito Huerta 817-272-3143,
or Patricia Healy 817-272-5658

The 2006-2007 exhibition schedule is made possible by the generous support of Arlington Camera, the Hanley Foundation, and Hilton Arlington.



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