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College Park District

Creating a World-Class Community

The value of UT Arlington extends far beyond producing sought-after graduates who can help drive economic growth in the region. The University also broadens horizons and enlightens minds through an expansive range of cultural, outreach, and educational programs.

basketball game in College Park Center

With the debut of the 7,000-seat College Park Center, the decades-long dream of a first-class facility for athletics, commencements, concerts, and other high-profile events has finally come true.

UT Arlington has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years to develop campus infrastructure and enhancements. We’re well on the way to establishing a true college town environment that anchors and defines downtown Arlington.

Cultural enrichment programs like the Maverick Speakers Series, and facilities like College Park Center and the entire 20-acre College Park District, add immensely to the vibrancy and intellectual spirit of the University community.

School and college lecture series, exhibitions, cultural exchanges, performances, summer camps, and hundreds of other programs create meaningful opportunities for our community to engage with UT Arlington and find ways to stimulate intellectual curiosity and pursue their passions.

Donors interested in supporting a world-class community can direct their gifts to:

  • Lecture series, performances, and other enrichment programs
  • Facilities and infrastructure for the arts and entertainment
  • Maverick Speakers Series and other cultural enrichment programs
  • Endowed professorships and chairs
  • Athletics programs and facilities
  • Innovative public-private partnerships
  • Scholarships for undergraduate students
  • Fellowships to provide tuition and stipends for graduate students

For more information on creating an endowment, contact Mark LaVelle, Assistant Vice President for University Development, at or 817-272-5235.