How and Why to Become Chartered Members:
The Gorgias Society (UTA)

Charter, Approved by Members on 9 Oct. 98:

The Purpose of the GORGIAS SOCIETY is "to provide occasions for conversation and a discussion of individual members's work; to provide reading lists of relevant materials; and to sponsor guest lectures by scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition" (from the 1983 Constitution). These stated purposes can be and have been broadly defined.

The additional Purposes of the GS are to provide a forum for and lend support to students and faculty members whose interests coincide with or extend the purview of the Rhetoric Track of the English Ph.D. Program in particular, and Undergraduate and Graduate Rhetoric programs in general, at University of Texas at Arlington.

The UTA Founding Chapter of the Gorgias Society (Established 1983) invites other Rhetoric/Composition programs to join the GS as Chartered Members.

The Purposes of Granting a Charter:

A. to extend the goals as stated in the Gorgias Constitution to other Rhetoric and Composition programs at other Colleges and Universities;

B. to promote continued comaraderie among past, current, and prospective Rhetoric students;

C. to establish a support system for Rhetoric students on each campus;

D. to generate an interschool network and support system for Rhetoric students;

E. to create a network of schools encouraged to host and participate in Gorgias-sponsored conferences;

F. to improve the overall educational environment for students in the field of Rhetoric and Composition.

Reasons for Requesting a Charter:

A. to establish community and solidarity among rhetoric students at both the local and national levels;

B. to join the national Gorgias-Listserv and to link up with the Gorgias Society Web site (with its GS Newsletter);

C. to participate at a social gathering each year at CCCC or other such conferences;

D. to work cooperatively in hosting annual Gorgias Conference(s), both regional and national. (As the Founding Chapter of Gorgias and the GSNC, UTA's Gorgias Society will decide each year where the conference is held.)

General Policy for Chartered Gorgias Societies: Each chapter will adopt the original chapter's constitution, but will be free to make its own amendments in accordance with its local needs and university's by laws. There will be no national dues, though a "participating" Gorgias chapter will be expected to make equal contributions tp all inter-Gorgias functions such as CCCC socials or national conferences. ("Participating" means actually attending the function.) Local chapters are required to fund their own events and take care of all of their own expences incurred. The Gorgias Society must be open to both undergraduate and graduate students. If there are national meetings, only officers--president(s), treasurer, and secretary (a maximum four votes)--from each chapter may vote on proposals, which are announced at least two months prior to the meetings.

     For further information contact either of our co-Presidents: