The Gorgias Society met and continues to meet on First-Fridays. There have been, since 1983, so many socials that it is impossible to catalog them or to give a precise sense of what took place at one or the other. At times, as many as 50 people would show; at other times, as few as 2. But always, there was and will continue to be a place on First-Fridays for Gorgians to meet, if they so wish and if they have the time. Sometimes, the gatherings were merely social; other times, someone would read a paper and ask for comments; while still at other times the many people in attendance might break up into several different groups discussing seminar papers or forthcoming conferences or classes they were taking or teaching. And then there was always the inevitable weird happening: One night the group took pictures of everyone's feet (with or without shoes on) for posterity. Three rolls of film were shot. It's sad to say, however, that no one knows where the offending pics are! If any Gorgians out there have these pics, please contact us immediately.

Below, you will find some pics of the various happenings. They are selected to give you 'a feel' for the gatherings.

The GS gave a party welcoming Win Horner to TX, specifically to TCU. Afterwards, those who remained late discuss the day.

A typical GS party with some of the attendees toasting the camera: Bev Johanssen, Farid Sarbouchi, Luanne Frank, Jo Suzuki, Sophia Suzuki (babe), Victor Vitanza, Lisa Hill.

For Additional Pictures, Visit the scanned section.

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