Some History: The Gorgias Society (UTA) was started in 1983 by Lynn Worsham and other graduate students and faculty in the Rhetoric/Composition emphasis of the English Department in the Humanties graduate program. The GS met every first Friday for socials and decided eventually, upon formalizing the organization, to provide occasions for conversation and a discussion of individual members's work; to provide reading lists of relevant materials; and to sponsor guest lectures by scholars in the field of rhetoric and composition.

When in July,1998, the English Department was granted a Ph.D. in English with two Tracks (Rhetoric and Literature), the Gorgias Society aligned itself fully with English as its home department, but left membership open to all at the undergraduate and graduate levels who are interested in the prospects and the advancement of rhetoric(s). The Gorgias Society is now preparing the way to invite other rhetoric and composition programs around the country to become chartered members (i.e., affiliates) of the Gorgias Society. We hope that you and your program will join us in our efforts.

What you will find hyptertextually at various sections of this site is additional information about the Society's various histories and activities.

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If you have any suggestions for adding to the history, please send a note to the GORGIAS-L. If you are not presently subscribed, simply send a request to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU with the following message: SUBSCRIBE GORGIAS YOUREMAILADDRESS. If you should have any difficulties with subscribing, please contact Matthew Levy:

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