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I-Engage Mentoring Program

I-Engage Luncheon from 2016

Cultivating mentored research experiences.

The I-Engage Mentoring Program brings together graduate and undergraduate students for a summer-long research experience. The program offers graduate students an opportunity to practice mentorship skills and exposes undergraduates to cutting-edge research in their field. The program is open to students in every discipline at UTA and in 2016 we had very diverse group of research projects. Please feel free to browse the materials below to get a sense of the excellent work that I-Engage participants did during the 2016 program! If you are interested in applying for the I-Engage program, then click here to visit our application page.

The I-Engage program also features workshops that prepare graduate students for the mentoring experience. If you are interested in participating in the program it is highly encouraged that you attend these workshops. Click here to register for upcoming workshops. 


I-Engage Luncheon from 2016

The I-Engage Mentoring Program's 2016 Cohort celebrates their work at the end-of-semester luncheon on August 30, 2016.


I-Engage Mentoring Program Research Experience

As part of the I-Engage Mentoring Program, participants are asked to create a visual representation of their research experience. See below for some examples of the various work that came out of the 2016 cohort of participants.


Oguz Yetkin (Ph.D., Bioengineering) and Dinithi Silva (B.S., Electrical Engineering)

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Dan Popa, Department of Electrical Engineering

This research team spent their summer working on a fingernail sensor with direct applications to prosthetic device control and wearable computing.

James McQuillan (Ph.D., Quantitative Biology) and Trung Nguyen (B.S., Biology)

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Matthew K. Fujita, Department of Biology

These researchers utilized next generation genomic techniques to examine the impact of paleoclimactic events.

Rod Sachs (Ph.D., English) and Garrett Fox (B.A., Political Science)

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Kevin Gustafson, Department of English

This interdisciplinary research project involved travel to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen to document conversations and conduct interviews about the immigrant experience in these locations.

Demetria Henderson (Ph.D., Management) and Evadean Grant (Minor, Business Administration)

Faculty sponsor: Dr. Wendy J. Caspar, Department of Management

This team spent the summer conducting research on the influence of social class in the workplace selection process.

Are you interested in the I-Engage program?

Applications for the 2018 I-Engage cohort (Summer) will be accepted during the Spring 2018 semester. Visit the I-Engage application page to learn more about how to apply.