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Why should I join?

Networking: When you’re looking for a job a few years from now, your skill set often is not as important as your connections. This is unfortunate, but it’s a reality. Greek membership is a great way to connect with people, both in your pledge class & through members who have graduated and joined the working world.

Leadership opportunities: Greek membership offers opportunities within your chosen organization and in your school’s Greek council as well. We’re talking about sharpening some pretty important leadership techniques that ANY future employer will be looking for. It’s definitely great résumé material.

Fun: Want to fill up your social schedule? Join a fraternity or sorority and you’ll have more social events than you’ll ever be able to attend. When will you ever have a chance in your life to have this much fun?

Friendship and Community: Even though college campuses are full of people, they can be very lonely places when you don’t know anyone & haven’t quite found your niche just yet. Greek life provides an easy way to meet people, make friends, and join a community. Membership to a Greek organization is for life, so you’ll always have a network of friends to fall back upon. Many campuses offer ethnic or religious fraternities & sororities; a great way to find a comfortable home on a big campus.