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Information for Parents and Families

As your son or daughter makes the transition from to UT Arlington, one decision that will impact the rest of their life is whether or not to join a Fraternity or Sorority. The fraternity and sorority community plays an important role on campus as a well as throughout the community. Leadership, scholarship, community service & brotherhood/sisterhood are the ideals that these organizations are founded upon.

The UT Arlington Fraternity and Sorority Life community positively contributes to student development. Membership in a fraternity/sorority helps students feel a connection to the University and their chapters. It offers a scholastic support system, opportunities for community service, and close friends who will provide encouragement and support when times are difficult.

UT Arlington is home to a very and diverse Fraternity and Sorority Life Community. The University administration works diligently with collegiate, Alumni and National Headquarters’ of the respective Fraternity and Sorority chapters to assure the highest quality of experience for each student involved in Fraternity and Sorority Life. As a parent, you are undoubtedly concerned about your son and daughter’s college experience and the choices they make. If you should have any questions about Greek Life, we welcome you to call us at 817.272.9234.

UT Arlington Fraternity and Sorority Life at a glance:

  • There 31 fraternities and sororities at UT Arlington and over 1050 members
  • Each organization is a self-governing business. Students, with the assistance and guidance of Alumni advisors, collect, budget, & allocate $50,000+ each academic year towards a myriad of events and programs.
  • The fraternity and sorority community raised over $100,000 and served over 15,000 hours to local and national non-profit organizations in the 2013-2014 academic year. fraternity and sorority members are are employed outside of the classroom in order to help finance their education.
  • There are over 200 leadership positions in and within the Fraternity and Sorority community alone!