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January 22nd, 7pm -  F&SL Open House- UC Bluebonnet

January 24th 10am - Activity Fair Day - UC

January 29th 7pm - MGC Showcase- UC Rosebud

January 31s  7pm - MGC Meet & Greet- UC Bluebonnet/Rosebud

February 1st 6pm - NPHC Meet the Greeks- UC Bluebonnet/ Rosebud

February 5th  6pm- IFC Tour of Chapters - UC Bluebonnet/ Rosebud

Februsry 12th-18th All Week - IFC Recruitment

February 22nd 7pm - F&SL Night at UTA Basketball - College Park

March 20th 5pm - Talk about it Tuesdays - UC B170F Lower Chambers

April 17th 5pm - Talk about it Tuesdays - UC 170F Lower Chambers

April 25th 7pm - FSL Awards - UC Bluebonnet

April 22nd All Day - Relay for Life - TBD

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