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Interfraternity Council (IFC)

What exactly is the IFC?

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body of the North-American Interfraternity Council (also known as the NIC) fraternities represented at UT Arlington, providing support and services to fraternities as well as representing fraternity life to the University and the surrounding community. Student officers serve on the IFC Executive Board. For more information on the IFC's National Governing body - the NIC, please visit the NIC website.

How the IFC operates

The IFC meets every Wednesday at 12:05 p.m. during the academic year in the Student Congress Chambers, Upper Level of the University Center. Each member chapter is required to send a representative (a delegate). At each meeting, each of the executive officers gives his report on any issues that have arisen within the past week, and updates the council as to any progress he has made in furthering the agenda and goals he has set forth at the beginning of his term. Later, each chapter is required to vote on any initiatives which seek to better the welfare of the member chapters.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) Mission

The council's primary concern is the safety, security, and advancement of each member fraternity. To this end, the IFC works closely with the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life in supporting the UTA Community Pillars which are Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Scholarship, Philanthropy/Community Service and Leadership. Additionally, the Interfraternity Council strives to uphold the NIC Standards included but not limited to: open expansion, alcohol & drug-free recruitment efforts, academic success, and open recruitment. Through various programs and activities by the council and member fraternities, we support a values-based fraternal experience for all students.

How to join an ifc fraternity- fall 2014

Each semester the IFC hosts formal recruitment as an opportunity for students to meet members and learn about the organization. During the formal recruitment week, IFC and member fraternities host various events both on and off-campus which are fun and promote the NIC Standard of alcohol & drug-free recruitment.

All new students & transfer students are automatically eligible to participate. In addition, any current UT Arlington students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (no grade exclusions will be accepted). To register and pay your $10.00 registration fee, CLICK HERE.

IFC Fall 2014 formal recruitment schedule

Tour of Chapters & FSL Orientation- MANDATORY ATTENDANCE- Sunday September 14, 2014- 11:30 AM-3:00 PM- Palo Duro Lounge, University Center

  • During this event you will here a brief presentation from each member fraternity and meet some of the members of each chapter. You MUST be in attendance for the FSL Orientation to be eligible to attend Bid Day & to accept a bid. Following this event, some chapters will be hosting their own events that you may attend.

Member Fraternities Hosted Events- Sunday September 14th-Thursday September 18th

  • Choose events you would like to attend although we suggest you attend as many events as possible.

Bid Day- Friday September 19, 2014- 2pm-6pm- University Center, Center Bridge & MAC

  • Potential new members will accept bids beginning at 2pm at the University Center, Concho.
  • Each potential new member will join their chapter during a short ceremony at the Center Bridge at 5pm (must accept bid at UC prior).

2014-2015 IFC OFFICERS


Navjot Singh

VP Operations

Aaron Hobbs

VP Recruitment

Ryan Orbach 


Toby Bradford

VP Programs & New Member Ed

Omar Alameddin

VP Communications

James Ruedlinger  


Current IFC Chapters at UT Arlington

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity
Kappa Alpha Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
Delta Rho Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Delta Upsilon Fraternity
Arlington Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Kappa Alpha Order Fraternity
UT Arlington Provisionary Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Kappa Sigma Fraternity Fraternity
Theta Omega Colony Chapter
National Website:

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
Texas Kappa Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) Fraternity
Phi Tau Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
Eta Upsilon Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity
Delta Psi Chapter
National Website:

Sigma Chi Fraternity
Theta Kappa Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website:

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity
Chi Alpha Chapter
National Website:

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Texas Kappa Chapter
National Website:
Chapter Website: