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Engage. Involve. Connect.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Apply for the 2013-2014 fsl awards today!

Honor chapter members and celebrate the hard work of your chapter over the past year. Applications are available here and are due on March 19, 2014. 

Engage. Involve. Connect. These words describe the very core of the UT Arlington Fraternity and Sorority community’s Mission. Whether you are a current UT Arlington Fraternity or Sorority member, a proud Greek Alumnus, or you are a student or parent looking to learn more about the benefits of Greek Life, we hope the information on this website answers all your questions.

The Fraternity and Sorority community at UT Arlington is comprised of over 30 National & local organizations with four (4) governing Councils. At almost 3% of the UT Arlington student population, Fraternity and Sorority members hold a variety of leadership positions throughout the campus community: Student Congress Executive Board, Student Congress Senators, ROTC, Mr. and Ms. UTA, EXCEL Directors, Orientation Leaders, etc. Basically, Fraternity and Sorority students can be found across the campus as members and, of course, LEADERS.

Fraternity and Sorority Life offers many advantages that simply CANNOT be found elsewhere on campus. Involvement contributes to an individual’s development through the encouragement of personal, professional and scholastic goals. Many opportunities are available for leadership and service offered on campus and in the community. We also provide athletic and social opportunities, and most importantly, assist in the development of meaningful lifelong friendships.

We challenge you to find your potential in our organizations! We believe there is a fit for you. 

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