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How to Join

To be eligible to join a fraternity or sorority at UTA, you must  be a first-semester admitted student to UTA (freshmen or transfer) OR a current UTA student with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.  While Chapters may have other requirements you must also register with the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office before joining a Greek organization.

Joining a Fraternity in IFC (Interfraternity Council)

IFC has a formal Recruitment period in the fall and/or spring of each academic year. There is a week dedicated to learning about the current IFC chapters and meeting the men in the fraternities. Each chapter will host a series of activities throughout the week that interested students can attend. At the end of the week, chapters give bids (invitations to join) to potential new members. The last day of the week is Bid Day. Bid Day is the day the potential new members accept their bids and join their chapters. There is also a process called Continuous Open Bidding in which a fraternity will issue a bid to join the chapter outside of the formal recruitment process.

Joining an MGC (Multicultural Greek Council) or NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) Sorority or Fraternity

The process for joining a sorority of fraternity varies with each organization in MGC or NPHC, but there are some similarities in the process.

You must first express interest in the organization. This can be done by attending events, talking to current members and/or submitting an application (if they provide you with one). There may be other requirements that come later such as providing an official transcript, but that will depend on each organization. Chapters will select the students that they would like to join the organization that semester and do interviews or an interview-like process.

Joining a Sorority in PHC (Panhellenic Council)

Panhellenic has a formal Recruitment process in the fall of each academic year. There is a registration process and a week dedicated to learning about the current Panhellenic chapters and meeting the women in the sororities. At the end of the week, potential new members are matched with current chapters and that is how you join during the formal recruitment process. The last day of the week is Bid Day. Bid Day is the day the potential new members accept their bids and join their chapters. There is also a process called Continuous Open Bidding in which a sorority will issue a bid to join the chapter outside of the formal recruitment process.

After Being Selected

After selection of new members for all chapters in all councils, potential new members will have new member meetings to learn the history of the organization and other pertinent information about that organization. Some organizations will give a written or oral test on the information that you have been provided throughout the process.

Again, these are just some generalities. Each organization conducts their Recruitment/Intake process with current members and Advisors only, so you will need to speak with current members to get more information as you continue to Find your Fit.

There is also a process for joining certain Greek organizations after undergrad. 


The Fraternity and Sorority Life Office plans and presents several programs and events every semester for our Greek community. In addition to educational programs, we also provide our community with several opportunities to network and learn from one another with social and athletic opportunities/endeavors.

Additionally, the individual Greek organizations will plan and present several programs and events of their own. These programs and events are usually open to the general University community, although once in a while, the Greek organizations will host events that are closed.

On this page, we hope you glean some more information about some of the many opportunities we provide to our Greek community. Below you will find more description on some of our signature events.


Each spring, the Greek community holds a week of competitive, philanthropic, and social events called "Greek Week." Coordinated and planned by undergraduate student leaders, it is a time to celebrate being Greek and show chapter pride with the entire UT Arlington fraternal community. Events have included Fashion Shows, Field Days, dance competitions, Breakfast for Deans and Staff at the University, Baseball Tailgates, and service events.


The Fraternity and Sorority Life in conjunction with the Community Standards works with other UT Arlington departments to plan National Hazing Prevention Week.

National Hazing Prevention Week is observed on campuses and within organizations each year during the last week of September (or another time that is more convenient). Activities range from brown bag lunch discussions among faculty to movie or book discussions with students; training for organizational and team leaders, to the signing of anti-hazing pledges. Some plan an entire week of activities and programs and some simply plan one or two meaningful programs. Whatever you do, the important thing is to DO SOMETHING!

Utilizing a national awareness week is a great way to bring attention to the problem of hazing locally; to educate parents, faculty and staff, students, community members, local and campus police and others so they can more easily recognize hazing - and more importantly - have the skills to intervene, when hazing occurs.

The ultimate goal of these efforts, however, is to prevent hazing from happening in the first place. That goal will only be accomplished through strong educational efforts, diligent policy enforcement and comprehensive and on-going efforts on each campus and within all organizations.

For more information, visit the National Hazing Prevention Week site.


Greek 101 is a program specifically for new members in Greek organizations. The program focuses on what happens after you join a Greek organization and how to uphold the values of your chapter while leaving a legacy for future generations of Greek Life.

This program also gives new members a chance to interact with each other and create bonds with members in other Greek organizations.


Greek 201 is a program that was created as a way to bring all the students in our community together once a semester to discuss an important risk management topic. Topics that have affected our community or that are trends in Higher Education are chosen each semester.

This program is intended to be interactive and engaging. Students should gain an increased awareness of responsibilities faced by everyone in the Greek community and also learn some crisis management skills to evaluate risky situations.


Each year the UTA Fraternity and Sorority community works to bring together future leaders of our community for an opportunity to network and develop basic leadership skills.

Look for registration information soon.