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Relationship Statement

The University of Texas Arlington acknowledges that a chapter and the University are separate entities, each with independent legal status. Even though the Fraternity and Sorority chapters exist as a privilege granted by UT Arlington, the University does not seek a superior/subordinate relationship; rather, it seeks a relationship where each can support and assist the other in its purposes. UT Arlington is committed to a mutually supportive relationship with social fraternities and sororities and desires to maintain that relationship through mutually accepted commitments and obligations presented in the policies and procedures for each of the four councils and through mutually accepted standards and procedures through the current accreditation program.

Fraternities and Sororities at UTA are a component of the institution's total educational program. As such, they are partners with the University in a mutually supportive educational endeavor. Greek letter organizations and UT Arlington sustain their relationship with a mutual pledge to promote group responsibility and mature group conduct through the following areas: internal chapter operations, external chapter operations, scholarship, membership development, alumni/ae relations, educational and social programming, and risk management.

As recognized Greek letter organizations, each fraternity and sorority can expect the following from UTA:

  • To enjoy all the privileges accorded recognized student organizations at UT Arlington.
  • To receive professional advising from the Fraternity and Sorority Life office and the Division of Student Affairs.
  • To be required to participate in one of the four Council self-governing bodies.
  • To use institutional facilities for programs, meetings, and social events.
  • To receive assistance in attaining a faculty/staff advisor.
  • To benefit from participation in enriching and educational programs/services.
  • To have access to a just judicial procedure.

UTA can, in turn, expect from fraternities and sororities:

  • To comply with national, state, local, and institutional standards/laws/policies.
  • To maintain with Fraternity and Sorority Life: current copy of chapter's constitution and bylaws and an accurate list of officers, members, new members/associates, and chapter advisors (College and alumni).
  • To be an active member of the appropriate governance council and comply with its constitutional provisions and adopted rules and policies.
  • To develop a formal scholarship program and maintain a chapter grade point average above the all University Average
  • To comply with national, state, organizational, and College hazing policies/laws.
  • To comply with all national, state, organizational laws, and all College policies related to alcohol
  • To practice sound administrative and fiscal policies, meeting federal, state, and local legal and tax responsibilities.
  • To enlist the responsible involvement of alumni in chapter activities.
  • To work with a faculty/staff advisor.
  • To comply with their charter, constitution, and bylaws.
  • To participate actively in all components of the current accreditation program.

Inherent in all expectations outlined above is compliance with all national, state, local, and College laws/policies.