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Peer Health Educators

Peer health educators provide education on important health issues and train students on health topics, empowering them to practice healthier lifestyles. The mission of the peer education program is to create an awareness of the dynamics of tobacco cessation, substance abuse, nutrition, sexual health, and general wellness while promoting healthy lifestyles/relationships through effective communication and educational programming.

Peer health educators present workshops on topics such as power dynamics in relationships, sex and communication, sex role stereotypes, dating behaviors, prevention strategies, etc. Presentations target the campus community including residence hall groups, social and Greek organizations, and other interested groups of students, staff, and faculty. Workshops include the use of videotapes, educational models, role-playing, awareness exercises, and group discussions.

hiring peer health educator specialty positions

Applications accepted through May 9, 2018

  • Social Media Assistant: Snapcode Job #10328
    • Assist with managing social media channels, including FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and other relevant platforms. Create dynamic written, graphic, and short video content to deliver health promotion messages.
  • Graphic Design Assistant: Snapcode Job #10329
    • Assist with creating graphic design and marketing concepts for health promotion projects, including researching wellness concepts, layouts, and preparing materials for print or website use.
  • Tobacco Education Assistant: Snapcode Job #10330
    • Assist in planning, creating, and implementing tobacco-related events and activities under the supervision of the HPSA Health Educator. Educate peers about the harmful effects of cigarettes and alternative tobacco products. Assist in overseeing Peers Against Tobacco student group initiatives through recruiting members and soliciting volunteers for various events. Prior knowledge of tobacco products and health information preferred but not required
  • Body Project Assistant: Snapcode Job #10331
    • The Body Project is a body-acceptance program designed to help high school girls and college-aged women resist cultural pressures to conform to the ideal standard of female beauty and reduce their pursuit of unrealistic bodies. The Body Project has been found to reduce onset of eating disorders. The Body Project Assistant will be trained to host workshops and socials for this group. They will also assist with managing program participants, content, and scheduling.


1. Print out or download a Peer Heath Educator Application.

2. Turn in your completed applicaton to the health center basement (B06) or email

3. Qualifed candidates will receive further instructions to complete the application process.

Questions? Please call Latoya Oduniyi at 817-272-2771.