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Request a Presentation or Interview

Health Services will make every attempt to accommodate student requests for presentations and interviews.

If you would like to request a health education presentation for your classroom, student organization, residence hall, or group of friends, please call HPSA at 817-272-4280 to make arrangements. Please provide at least two weeks advance notice for health education presentation requests.

Please keep in mind that health care providers and educators are seeing patients with appointments and that not all requests can be accommodated for, especially during peak patient appointment times.

All interviews require an appointment; walk-in requests for interviews will not be granted. Appointments for interviews are limited to 20 minutes. Interview questions must be submitted prior to the interview. This helps providers and health educators prepare for the interview, especially when information is requested on certain statistics (e.g. number of flu shots adminstered, number of flu cases reported, etc). Students must specify if the interview needs to be recorded, otherwise recording will not be allowed.

Please contact our Communications Assistant at 817-272-2626 or for the following requests:

  • Presentations about services offered/Health Services
    • Please provide at least two weeks advance notice for each request.

  • Scheduling an interview with a health care provider for a class assignment
    • Please provide at least four business days advance notice for each request

    • UT Arlington media requests (The Shorthorn, UTA News, UTA News en Español, and UTA Radio)
      • All media requests will first be referred to the Office of University Communications for approval.
      • Please provide at least two business days advance notice for each request.

      • Non-UT Arlington media requests
        • All requests from non-UT Arlington media will be referred to Kristin Sullivan, Assistant Vice President and University Spokesman, Office of University Communications, at 817-272-5364 or

      Patient privacy and confidentiality will be protected at all times. Photography and video/audio recording is strictly prohibited. Individuals attempting to photograph or record in the health center will be asked to leave the premises. Students needing to record interviews may do so only with the Communications Assistant's approval and only in designated areas with a health center escort.

      Health Services cannot accommodate requests to use the health center for filming purposes (i.e. class assignments/projects, personal projects).