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Health insurance is not a requirement to be seen at Health Services. Regardless of your insurance status, all enrolled UT Arlington students are able to utilize Health Services. Visits with general medicine providers, psychologists, as well as health promotion programs and education, blood pressure checks, nursing care, referral advice, and contraceptive information will continue to be offered at no additional cost. All other services will be assessed a nominal fee. Health Services does not file claims for Medicaid, Medicare, Tricare or any other private insurance at this time.

The University of Texas System contracts with Academic Health Plans to provide an affordable Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance plan to UT Arlington students. The insurance plan is underwritten by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. Please access the Academic Health Plans' website for complete coverage information and how to enroll.

Student Health Insurance Plan 2013-2014

Treatment at Health Services

Some procedures performed at Health Services are covered at 100%. This coverage includes laboratory, pharmacy (co-pays are $10/generic, $15/brand name), x-rays, most women’s health, and counseling and psychological visits. The annual deductible does not apply to visits at Health Services.

Treatment at Another Facility

When it is necessary to have treatment at a facility other than Health Services, an annual deductible of $300 per covered person, per policy year must be met before the insurance company will consider reimbursement (including pharmacy charges). Once this deductible is met, the insurance company will reimburse you at a rate of either 80% (preferred providers) or 60% (non-preferred providers) for covered procedures.

Note: Only enrolled UT Arlington students are eligible to utilize Health Services. Spouses and dependents cannot receive treatment at Health Services unless they are also enrolled UT Arlington students.

As always, if you have any questions concerning your insurance plan, you may contact Health Services at 817-272-2771.