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Recent Awards

Ms. Nancy Gandre

2017-18 UTA Outstanding Academic Advisor

Department of History Advisor Nancy Gandre, winner of UTA’s 2017-2018 Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, exemplifies the sincerity, support, and enthusiasm students can expect when seeking help with their academic careers. Immensely popular with students, faculty, and staff alike, Nancy is always prepared to lend her time and friendly encouragement to assisting advisees. 

As multiple individuals attested in their letters of nomination, “Nancy Gandre is without question in her position not for the pay…but for the joy she experiences in helping students grow and prosper when set along the right path.” Nancy’s knowledge and willingness to go to the extra mile aiding her students reach their full potential makes her one of the History Department’s greatest assets. “You don't just walk out of her office with a problem solved, you walk out of her office with hope and confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goals! That feeling that when the path may become rough and it seems impossible to plant your feet anymore you can look back and see her cheering you on. They say determination can move mountains, well, I believe that a smile and warm heart can move the universe.” 

Dr. Andrew Milson

2017-18 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Teaching Award for Tenured Faculty*

The selection committee, composed of faculty representatives from each academic department in the College, acknolwedged Dr. Milson's leadership role in renewing a focus on Geography in the curriculum within the Department of History. Dr. Milson’s development of new courses and redesign of existing courses have been expanded opportunities for students  the college emphasis on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a field of interest for liberal arts students. [*Co-winner with Dr. Sonia Kania, Department of Modern Languages]

Dr. Sarah Rose

2018 Philip Taft Prize in Labor and Working-Class History

Now in its fortieth year, the Taft Prize is presented annually by Cornell University’s ILR School and the Labor and Working-Class History Association (LAWCHA) to the best book in labor and working-class history published in the previous calendar year. The 2018 prize has been awarded to Dr. Sara Rose for her original study No Right to be Idle: The Invention of Disability, 1840s-1930s. The award committee commended Dr. Rose’s book for its deft combination of the new field of disability studies with that of labor history. Committee members noted that her work is “Lucidly written and meticulously researched. No Right to Be Idle makes carefully considered and nuanced arguments about the spectrum of productivity and the changes the transition to mechanized labor brought on the policy front in regard to disability, and, crucially, to the lives of workers we now call disabled.”

Dr. Rose previously received the 2017 Award for Excellence in Research from the New York State Archives and the Archives Partnership Trust. This award is given each year for a scholar whose work utilizes the holdings of the New York State Archives in a creative and insightful way.