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Dissertations in Progress

Student Dissertation title Advisor
Gina Bennett "Imperial Women of Darien: Scottish Nationalism, Gender, and Migration in the Atlantic World, 1650-1740" Kenyon Zimmer
Robert Caldwell "Indians in their Proper Place: Culture Areas, Linguistic Stocks, and the Genealogy of a Map" Imre Demhardt
Michael Deliz "To Kill It Without Quarter: Late-Nineteenth Century Antislavery Campaigns and the 1867 Paris Anti-slavery Conference" John Garrigus
Austin Loignon "Cornflakes, God, and Enemas: John Harvey Kellogg and Global Health Reform in the Nineteenth Century" Steven Reinhardt
Christopher Malmberg "Svenskar äro vi icke mera, ryssar kunna vi icke bli, derför måste vi vara finnar: Finnish Migration and Identity in the Atlantic World" Steven Reinhardt
Stephanie Sulik "The Transatlantic Relationship between Garveyites and the Rubber Industry: The Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio, and Liberia, 1920-1989" Alusine Jalloh
Jacqueline Tinkler "Determinants of Ethnic Formation and Retention as Seen Among Belgian Migrants in Northeast Wisconsin" Kenyon Zimmer
Lydia Towns "The Opening of the Atlantic World: England's Transatlantic Interests during the Reign of Henry VIII" Imre Demhardt
Cory Wells "Immigrant Nativists: Irish Protestants' Anti-Catholicism in the Atlantic World, 1830-1930" Kenyon Zimmer
Jacqueline Zeledon "Creating the 'American Riviera': Twentieth-Century Architectural Revitalization and Its Transatlantic Influences In Santa Barbara, California, 1910-1946" Robert Fairbanks