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Doctoral Alumni

Student Dissertation Title Advisor Date
Initial Placement
Bryan Garret "Otherness and Belonging in 'Democratic Empires:' The Syrian Diaspora and Transatlantic Discourses of Identity, 1890s-1930s" Kenyon Zimmer April 2016 Visiting Instructor, Notre-Dame International High School (Paris, France)
Jay Goldin "Settlement House Scenes: Migrants and the Performing Arts in Transatlantic Perspective" Kenyon Zimmer April 2016 Adjunct professor at UTA
Karen Beasley "The Ciné Never Sets...: British Cinema as a Transatlantic Cultural Commodity, 1921-1938" Elisabeth Cawthon April 2016 Adjunct professor at UTA
Nathaniel Kogan "Every Good Man is a Quaker, and that None but Good Men are Quakers: Transatlantic Quaker Humanitarians, Disability, and Marketing Enlightened Reform, 1730-1834" Sarah Rose April 2016

Rowland Hall (Salt Lake City, UH)*

Kristen Burton "Intoxication and Empire: Distilled Spirits and the Creation of Addiction in the Early Modern British Atlantic, 1650-1800" Christopher Morris April 2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Louisiana Tech University
Mylynka Cardona "The Six Lives of Alexine Tinné: Gender Shifts in the Atlantic World, 1835-1915 Imre Demhardt April 2015 Map Curator, Texas General Land Office - Archives and Records Division
David Smith "Organic Farmers, German Vintners, and the Atomic Monster of Seabrook: A Trans-Atlantic History of Social Activism and Nuclear Powers from New England to West Germany" Christopher Morris April 2015 Executive Director of Advancement Services and Operations, University of Dallas
Stephanie McIntyre "Repatriation of Texas Women, 1907-1976" Elisabeth Cawthon April 2014
Bradley Borougerdi "A Cultural History of Hemp in the Atlantic World" Christopher Morris April 2014 Instructor at Tarrant Community College
Pawel Goral "Cold War Rivalry and the Perception of the American West: Why both Westerners and Easterners Became Cowboys and Indians" Thomas Adam March 2012 Adjunct professor at UTA
Jeff Dillman "From Paradise to Tropics: Landscape in the British West Indies to 1800" John D. Garrigus December 2011 Full-time faculty at Temple College
David Watry "Transatlantic Brinksmanship: The Anglo-American Alliance and Conservative Ideology, 1953-1956" Joyce S. Goldberg November 2011 Adjunct professor at UTA
Gene Rhea Tucker "Place-Names, Conquest, and Empire: Spanish and Amerindian Conceptions of Place in the New World" Douglas W. Richmond May 2011 Full-time faculty at Temple College
Harold Harris "Race and Cricket: The West Indies and England at Lord’s, 1963" Alusine Jalloh May 2011 Adjunct professor at UTA
Gregory Kosc "Performing Masculinity and Reconciling Class in the American West: British Gentlemen Hunters and their Travel Accounts, 1865-1914" Stanley H. Palmer November 2010 Tarrant County College
Julie Holcomb "'There is Death in the Pot': Women, Consumption, and Free Produce in the Transatlantic World, 1791-1848" Sam W. Haynes June 2010 Lecturer in Museum Studies at Baylor University
Wendell Hunnicut "Romilly and Rush: The Parallel Path of Reform" Steven G. Reinhardt June 2010 Adjunct professor at UTA
Michele Kinney "'Doubly Foreign': British Consuls and Slavery in the Antebellum South, 1830-1860" Stanley H. Palmer May 2010
Todd Holzaepfel "British Influences on the American and Canadian West: Capital, Cattle and Clubs, 1870-1910" Stanley H. Palmer December 2009 Vice President Planning & Operations, Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.*
Melissa Canady Wargo "The Bordes-Binford Debate: Transatlantic Interpretive Traditions in Paleolithic Archaeology" Steven G. Reinhardt July 2009 Assistant Vice Chancellor at Western Carolina University
Andrea Haga "Shaping British Identity: Transatlantic Anglo-Spanish Rivalry in the Early Modern Period" Steven G. Reinhardt July 2009 History Professor at Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, TX
Benjamin Mark Allen "Naked and Alone in a Strange New World: Early Modern Captivity and its Mythos in Ibero-American Consciousness" Douglas W. Richmond August 2008 Assistant Professor of History at South Texas College
Zachary Wingerd "Symbol of Conquest, Alliance, and Hegemony: The Image of the Cross in Colonial Mexico" Douglas W. Richmond August 2008 Lecturer in History at Baylor University
Liam Iwig-O’Byrne "How Methodists Were Made: The Arminian Magazine and Spiritual Transformation in the Transatlantic World, 1778-1803" Stanley H. Palmer May 2008 Deceased
Diane DeWaters "The World War II Conferences in Washington D.C. and Quebec City: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston S. Churchill" Joyce S. Goldberg May 2008 Adjunct Professor at North Lake College  and Tarrant county College
Robert Sherwood "The Cartography of Alexander von Humboldt: Images of the Enlightenment in America" Richard Francaviglia May 2008
Paul James Moore "Kiowa Changes: The Impact of Transatlantic Influences" Kenneth Philp December 2007 Assistant Professor at Tennessee Temple University
Charles Brazell "Reluctant Restorationist: Thomas Campbell’s Trial and its Role in His Legacy" Stanley H. Palmer December 2007 Adjunct Teacher in the Dallas County Community College District*
Jeffrey Stone "The Use of Maps in Early Cold War News Periodicals, 1945-1955" Richard Francaviglia May 2007 Associate Professor of History at Tarrant County College, South Campus
Jerome Randall Barnes "The Interpretation of the New World in Sixteenth-Century Venetian Maps, Images, and Travel Literature" David Buisseret August 2007 History Teacher at Oakridge School, Arlington, TX*
Cynthia Chambers "Cannibalism in a Cultural Context: Cartographic Imaging and Iconography of New World Indigenous Peoples during the Age of Discovery" Dennis Reinhartz December 2006 Research specialist with the POW Missing Personnel Office
Stephen Butler "Away o’er the Waves: The Transatlantic Life and Literature of Captain Mayne Reid" Stanley H. Palmer December 2006 Associate Professor at Collin County Community College*
Robert Ansiaux "Early Belgian Colonial Efforts: The Long and Fateful Shadow of Leopold I" Dennis Reinhartz December 2006 Adjunct Professor at Eastfield College and the University of Dallas
Thomas Aiello "Dallas, Cotton, and the Transatlantic Economy" Robert B. Fairbanks August 2006 Associate Professor at Gordon State College
Emmanuel Mbah "Land/Boundary Conflict in Africa: The Case of Former British Colonial Bamenda, Present-Day North-West Province of the Republic of Cameroon, ca. 1916-1996" Alusine Jalloh May 2006 Associate Professor at City University of New York, Staten Island
Alistair Maeer "The Cartography of Commerce: The Thames School of Nautical Cartography and England’s Seventeenth-Century Overseas Expansion" David Buisseret May 2006 Assistant Professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Jennifer Hudson-Allen "Discovering Lillie Langtry: Aestheticism and the Development of a Transatlantic Market in Beauty, 1880-1927" Elizabeth A. Cawthon May 2005 Teacher at the St. Alban’s Episcopal School, Arlington, TX*
Paulette Hasier "French Mapping of Illinois Country, 1650-1750: A Cartobibliography" Dennis Reinhartz December 2004 Librarian at Southern Methodist University*
Timothy L. Sullivan "The Evolution of a Counterculture: Pirates of the Caribbean" David Buisseret May 2003 Professor at Cedar Valley College, Lancaster, TX*
James D. Wortham "Sharing the Water: A History of the Acequias of Northern New Mexico, 1598-2002" David Buisseret December 2002 Manager of Water Resources for Cobb, Fendley & Associates in Frisco, Texas
Timothy G. Grammer "Wellington and Lee: Anglo-American Images of the Victorian Hero" Stanley H. Palmer December 2002 Assistant Professor at Texas Wesleyan University
*Position held before working on dissertation.