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Undergraduate Advising

Picture of door to History Office

All students interested in History, whether or not they are formally declared as History majors, are welcome to drop by the History Undergraduate Advising Office in Room 201 University Hall. The Department's undergraduate advisor provides class information and career advice for students considering History as a focus of study. In addition, the Advising Office has pamphlets and charts on career opportunities as well as information on the Law School Admission Test.

The History Department advisor prepares degree plans for students earning a B.A. in History. History majors must confer with their advisor before every registration period for specific course approval. Advising is also available for conversations of a general nature as well, offering a chance for students to consider career plans, graduate or professional programs, foreign study, or other academic issues.

Meet your History advisor

Ms. Gandre

Nancy Gandre

Ms. Nancy Gandre joined the History Department in 2008 as full-time Undergraduate Academic Advisor. She assists History majors as well minors in History, Geography, Southwestern Studies, and Medieval and Early Modern Studies. She helps students develop degree plans that work best for them by providing each student with personalized support in identifying a clear path to graduation. She also serves as the content advisor for graduate students who want to be certified as secondary level teachers of History or Social Studies.

Nancy received her B.A. in Psychology (with honors) at UT Arlington in 2002. As the first person in her family to earn a college degree, she understands the situation facing UT Arlington’s many “non-traditional” students who are pursuing their degrees while working full or part-time jobs. She enjoys helping students to find their way through the sometimes confusing path to academic success and is grateful to have a job that allows her to focus on helping students reach their goals.